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You must have heard about online MBA courses. In today’s time, combining studies with a job has become effortless. Flexibility is one of the primary benefits of online MBA courses. The asynchronous nature of online learning allows the students to get the course materials and lectures at their convenience; the flexibility is particularly advantageous for working professionals who must balance their education with profound personal commitments. Online MBA programs break down geographical barriers. Individuals from different locations can enroll in top-tier programs without the need to relocate. This online program benefits interested students and promotes uniqueness in the classroom.

We are here to learn about a Skill full Online MBA in Operation Management course. Among those seeking an MBA, operations management is one of the most common specialties. This program is particularly well-suited for professionals who aspire to pursue careers in operations, supply chain management, logistics, and related fields. The MBA in management is a specialized degree that is complete for individuals who are keen to optimize and enhance business processes.

What is an Online MBA in Operation Management?

MBA in operation management is the method by which we can use material and human resources efficiently to produce goods and services of high quality. There are many types of skills like supply chain management, project management process of the migration logistics, and quality controls.

These are very useful in many different sectors for students pursuing an MBA in operation. When they study how to solve challenges, it helps them develop their critical thinking skills.

These skills advantage Candidates in their job market skills and succeeding as team members. Online MBA courses promote a culture of continuous learning. While acquiring these skills during learning, the program promotes a long-term learning mind-set, making up skills in this changing business environment. Even after so many advantages that this online MBA program offers, anyone taking this course should evaluate their preferences and goals offered by this program. For students hoping to progress in their business professions, the correct online MBA may offer a flexible, accessible, and rewarding educational experience.

Curriculum Overview

1 Core Business Fundamentals:

An online MBA in operations management typically starts with core business courses. These courses mainly include skills like finance, marketing, HR, strategic management, etc., so the candidate has a deep understanding of business operations outside of their specialization.

2 Specialization in Operations Management 

At the core of the program, there are dedicated courses that focus exclusively on Operations Management. These operation management courses include Supply Chain Management, Quality Control, Logistics, Project Management, and Process Optimization.

3 Technology Integration:

Given the increasing reliance on technology in modern business operations, online MBA programs often integrate courses that explore the intersection of Operations Management and technology. This may include topics like data analytics, digital transformation, and the use of advanced technologies in optimizing processes.

4 Case Studies and Practical Applications:

Many online MBA programs incorporate case studies and practical exercises to bridge the gap between theory and real-world application. Candidates learning operation management can analyze and apply their knowledge to solve complex problems and make decisions depending on real-life scenarios.

Eligibility criteria for Online MBA in operation management

Candidates must fulfill some eligibility criteria to gain admission to an online MBA in operation management. It can vary from University to University, but the most common and essential criteria to be followed by Universities are as follows:

  • Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in any related field approved by UGC. It is essential to have a bachelor’s degree before getting admission to a master’s.
  • A bachelor’s degree must have a score of 50% or more. Candidates need at least 50% marks in their bachelor’s to be eligible for an MBA in operation management.

Entrance exam for admission in MBA in operation management

One of the popular entrance exams for an MBA in operation management is MAT. Other exams can be helpful to gain admission to an MBA in operation management that Universities accept.

  • CAT
  • MET
  • XAT
  • CMAT
  • AMET

Top universities for admission in Online MBA in operation management in India

 Manipal University, Jaipur India
Offers two years of MBA courses online and offline as well.

• Uttaranchal University, India
Offers two years of MBA courses online and offline as well.

• Lovely professional University, India
Offers two years of MBA courses online and offline as well.

• Jain University, India Offers two years of MBA courses online and offline as well.

Many more universities are offering this MBA course in operation management online. These were top universities offering job placements after courses.

Duration of online MBA in operation management

Universities offering these MBA courses in operation management are for two years of duration. They give the complete education related to the profession and prepare candidates to become a best performer. Students can complete this course in a valid 4-5 years of the courses offered by Universities. These should be done in this valid period.

Fee structure for online MBA in operation management

Every university has their own feelings structure accordingly. A common range offered between different universities is INR 10,000 to 50,000 per semester. This is an approximate range in which every type of university is covered. These prices can vary differently. It can be high and low as well. You should check properly before getting admission into colleges about their fee structure.

Admission process for online MBA in operation management

To be admitted to this course in any college, students must go through the process correctly to prevent any mistakes.

Nowadays, students don’t need to appear physically to fill out the form. Universities offer an online process to fill out the form, which can be done at home. For this, firstly, go to the website of the university in which you’re applying for admission and then go to their portal to fill out the required form. And take the following things with you for filling out the form

  • Aadhar card
  • 10th and 12th mark sheet
  • Graduation mark sheet
  • Caste certificate, if any
  • Migration certificate, if any

Is an MBA in Operation management a good opportunity?

MBA in operations is a perfect choice for students interested in making their career in operation MBA. Operations management is very different from any other MBA because it emphasizes the skills that increase organizational effectiveness.

It also has better career possibilities, more pay, and the opportunity to to work in many varieties of industries.

Like manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and consulting, these are some advantages of pursuing an MBA in operation management.

Benefits of Pursuing an Online MBA in Operations Management

Career Advancement:

Professionals with an online MBA in Operations Management are well-positioned for career advancement. In this program, specialized knowledge is earned, which makes them precious assets, and they want organizations to improve their operations efficiency/capacity with more skills.


Online MBA in Operations Management offers people a wide range of industries. The MBA in operations also gives you many types of opportunities after graduation, like manufacturing, technologies, logistics, healthcare, and many other sectors that relate to operations. This versatility or multiple advantages and career options allows you to explore many career paths based on your interests and goals.

Networking Opportunities:

Online MBA programs usually make networking opportunities easy through virtual forums, alum networks, and collaborative projects. For the growth of the career, Networking is a valuable side, and the online platform also provides a convenient space for professionals to connect, share insights, and explore potential collaborations

What Specializations Are Available in Operations Management?

While studying for an MBA in operation management, you will study the following subjects in your course. It also allows one to pursue many career paths in different industries for those who graduated with An MBA in operations management. Here are some of the career options for individuals with an MBA in Operations Management:

  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management and Strategy
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Production Planning and Control
  • HR Planning and Development Management
  • Services Marketing Research Sales and Distribution management
  • HR Management Organisational Change and Development
  • Retail Marketing Management
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Sales Management
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • International Marketing Advertising

Some of the career options for an online MBA in operation management are described as follows:

Operations Professionals: Individuals already working in operations roles, such as operations managers, production supervisors, or supply chain analysts, can benefit significantly from an MBA in Operations Management. Through this program, people can strengthen their knowledge and learn many skills to increase their operational efficiency inside their organizations.

Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals: 

With a focus on operations, people can gain many advantages, like those working in supply chain management, logistics, and procurement, by pursuing an MBA with a focus on operations. The program offers insights into these areas, which prepare the people to choose the role of leadership in supply chain optimization, strategic sourcing, and logistics management.

Manufacturing Managers: Professionals overseeing manufacturing processes, including production managers and manufacturing engineers, can enhance their managerial and strategic capabilities through an MBA in Operations Management. Lean manufacturing concepts, quality assurance, and process optimization are the subjects covered in the following MBA program.

Consultants: Management consultants for those specializing in operations and process improvement can benefit from the extended knowledge gained by the MBA. It also fits the consultants with a more extensive skill set to analyze and optimize business processes across different industries.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: Entrepreneurs and business owners involved in producing and delivering goods or services can benefit from the operational insights an MBA provides. Understanding the functioning of an effective strategy for successful businesses is essential.

Career Changers: Individuals looking to transition into operations management from other functional areas, such as finance, marketing, or information technology, can use an MBA in Operations Management as a bridge to acquire the specific skills and knowledge needed for success in the operations field.

Professionals in Emerging Industries: It is also understandable how to improve their unique operation processes and contribute to the growth of their industries by emerging technologies, and industries continue to evolve professionally in areas like technology, renewable energy, and biotechnology to take profit of MBA in operations.

Those Interested in Industry 4.0: With the ongoing shift toward Industry 4.0, individuals interested in integrating digital technologies, automation, and data analytics in operations will find an MBA in Operations Management relevant. The program also includes courses on technology integration and the application of Industry 4.0 principles.

Individuals with an Analytical Mindset: The program suits individuals with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Operations Management is a deal for those who enjoy analytical challenges that involve optimizing processes, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing solutions.

Professionals Aspiring for Leadership Roles: Individuals aspiring to leadership roles within organizations can benefit from an MBA in Operations Management. The program gives a proper understanding of business operations and prepares the graduates to make strategic decisions and lead teams effectively.

In the end, those who want to make a significant contribution to raising the effectiveness, quality, and efficiency of corporate operations should pursue an MBA in operations management and also provide a wide range of jobs from many industries for those who aim to improve the performance of their organizations. The online MBA also helps improve the career, and the graduates are more marketable on the job market because of their enhanced knowledge and abilities, which can open doors to leadership roles and higher responsibilities.

MBA in Operations Management Syllabus

MBA in Operations Management is assessed in two years with four semesters. Topics include supply chain management, quality management, operations strategy, project management, inventory management, and lean manufacturing. Courses also cover process optimization, operations research, risk management, and technology applications in operations. This thorough curriculum prepares students for diverse operational roles in various industries.

Semester 1Semester 2
Financial Accounting and ReportingCorporate Finance
Management Theory and PracticesServices Operations Management -I
Accounting for Business DecisionsPlanning & Control of Operations
Business Communication – IBusiness Communication – II
Business Research MethodsMarketing Management
Digital BusinessHuman Resource Management
Indian EconomyOperations & Supply Chain Management
Verbal CommunicationGeopolitics & World Economic Systems
Business Systems & ProceduresOrganizational Behavior
Personality & Leadership LabSupply Chain Management
Information Systems for Managing BusinessInventory Management
Managerial EconomicsAdvanced-Data Analysis
Research Methodology and StatisticsFinancial Management
Organizational BehaviorMacroeconomic Theory and Policy
Economic Analysis for Business DecisionContemporary Frameworks in Management
Basics of MarketingStart-up & New Venture Management
Management Fundamentals
Entrepreneurship Development
MS Office & Excel
Current Event Cases
Aptitude & Reasoning
Organizational Design, Change, and Transformation (S)
Semester 3Semester 4
Strategic ManagementE-Supply Chain & Logistics
Materials ManagementOperations Strategy
Analytics and Business ForecastingBusiness Ethics
Logistics ManagementStrategic Supply Chain Management
Toyota Production SystemAdvanced Decision Modelling
Entrepreneurship ManagementIndustry 4.0
Quality ManagementInternational Business
Management of TechnologyEnterprise Resource Planning
Services Operations Management -IIProject Management
Manufacturing Resource PlanningServices Operations Management
Six Sigma For Operations
Legal Aspect of Business
Entrepreneurship Management
Legal Aspect of Business

Other Specialization of Online MBA

General ManagementHuman Resource ManagementInternational Business
FinanceBusiness Intelligence And AnalyticsInternational Finance
MarketingEntrepreneurship And LeadershipOperation Management
Data ScienceInformation Technology ManagementProject Management
EconomicsSupply Chain ManagementDigital Marketing
FinTechHealthcare ManagementBlockchain Management


From the above discussion and information about pursuing an online MBA in operations management, it is concluded that it strengthens knowledge of business operations and has many advantages in the business industry. By doing this program online, candidates can have many advantages, such as flexible timing and easy access. Students pursuing this program online can have a job along this program. In today’s world of evolving businesses, an MBA in operation management is a skillful course to enhance your knowledge of businesses. This program provides various ranges of professions to start your career.

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