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Both MBA programs have many similarities but there is also an alternate difference between Online MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics. The MBA program is a 2-year post-graduate course in which students can enhance in today’s business world. It is typically different data management to provide specific profitable outcomes with tools, applications, and techniques. Mainly aim to provide business improvement and optimization.

Students have the skill of analyzing present, past data, and future trends and have various scopes within the best organization which offers a handsome amount of salary with more flexibility. In this job role, individuals or teams of professionals visualize various dynamic past and present data and plan development for future benefits to help in business profit growth.

History of Business Intelligence and Analytics

MBA in operation management is the method by which we can use material and human resources efficiently to produce goods and services of high quality. There are many types of skills like supply chain management, project management process of the migration logistics, and quality controls.

These are very useful in many different sectors for students pursuing an MBA in operation. When they study how to solve challenges, it helps them develop their critical thinking skills.

These skills advantage Candidates in their job market skills and succeeding as team members. Online MBA courses promote a culture of continuous learning. While acquiring these skills during learning, the program promotes a long-term learning mind-set, making up skills in this changing business environment. Even after so many advantages that this online MBA program offers, anyone taking this course should evaluate their preferences and goals offered by this program. For students hoping to progress in their business professions, the correct online MBA may offer a flexible, accessible, and rewarding educational experience.

Comparison of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics

1 Core Business Fundamentals:

An online MBA in operations management typically starts with core business courses. These courses mainly include skills like finance, marketing, HR, strategic management, etc., so the candidate has a deep understanding of business operations outside of their specialization.

2 Specialization in Operations Management 

At the core of the program, there are dedicated courses that focus exclusively on Operations Management. These operation management courses include Supply Chain Management, Quality Control, Logistics, Project Management, and Process Optimization.

3 Technology Integration:

Given the increasing reliance on technology in modern business operations, online MBA programs often integrate courses that explore the intersection of Operations Management and technology. This may include topics like data analytics, digital transformation, and the use of advanced technologies in optimizing processes.

4 Case Studies and Practical Applications:

Many online MBA programs incorporate case studies and practical exercises to bridge the gap between theory and real-world application. Candidates learning operation management can analyze and apply their knowledge to solve complex problems and make decisions depending on real-life scenarios.

Benefits Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Carrier Enhancement: The Business Intelligence and Analytics course helps students advance in the industry and achieve their career goals by developing required skills that allow them to take certain roles and opportunities, and encourage them towards their goals. MBA in this domain builds confidence to take on more challenging work and provides a path to communicate, progress, and achieve success.
  • Flexibility: Online MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics provide flexibility in learning through the digital platform over the globe with the help of an Internet connection generally for working professionals, remote students, and many more who want to seek a degree in this domain from top Universities in India with better opportunities and high-class facilities in affordable cost.
  • Placement and Promotion: MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics Course helps in getting placement in a top Industry or getting a dream job opportunity with an average salary of about 21LPA in India, while it also helps in getting promotion in your current job role within the company or getting new working position, results in salary increment.
  • Frameworks:  It is a set of different tools, concepts, and techniques designed to get progress in business which helps to analyze complex business methodology based on specific data, explore different options, and different situations, and take different actions which is driven by Business Intelligence and Analytics skills develop during the course.
  • Network and Connections: During the Online MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics course students get the opportunity to learn from industry experts through virtual sessions, and also get training and internship in top companies which helps students to enhance and make connections that may further help in future opportunities or get advantage and guidance when they required.
  • Business and Marketing: Business Intelligence and Analysis help in marketing and its business developing activities by analyzing modern-day market requirements and developing its product accordingly to fulfill the market demand and enhance the product value which results in profit by taking planned measures to achieve the goals.
  • Data Mining and Analysis: Every company wants to get ahead in the competitive business world which requires making decisions quickly, analyzing situations, and evaluating products, MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics plays a vital role.
  • Problem-Solving: Business Intelligence and Analysis provides a way to understand and resolve complex business problems by analyzing the information and data in an organization.
  • Outside India: MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics offers paying Jobs not only in India but also abroad, every Business requires a person having quality so International Companies acquire these students with a handsome package of salary.

Top Colleges of Online Business Intelligence and Analytics

There are different types of modes for pursuing a degree Online MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics programs, with their benefits and functions, The Top Colleges offering these programs are:


  • To pursue of Online MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics, students must have the minimum qualification of 3 years of Bachelor’s degree or in the final year of a bachelor’s course.
  • Students must have 50% aggregate marks or above in the general category while 45% aggregate marks or above in the reserved category to pursue the degree of Online MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics.
  • Criteria may vary according to the choice of institute and University.
  • Students require the following essential documents:

1.  Aadhar Card

2. 10th Marksheet

3. 12th or Equivalent Marksheet

4. Graduation Marksheet(if you have one)

5. University/Institute Transfer Certificate

6. Migration Certificate

7. Caste Certificate(If required)

8. Any other degree Certificate(If you have)

Entrance Exam

  • Many central and state exam is conducted to enrol for MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics course such as CAT, CMAT, MAT, GMAT, MAH-CET and many others exam.
  • Different institute and University also conduct entrance test such as XAT, SNAP, TISSNET, etc.
  • While some University allow to enrol students admission directly.

Syllabus of Online MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics

The curriculum of Business Intelligence and Analytics aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices with different modern-day tools, techniques, and technology. Courses include subjects such as Data Science, Programming, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Business Analytics, and many more. The below curriculum is designed in a manner to give a basic idea about courses that students get to learn during the course, it may vary according to the university.



·    Human Resource Management

·    Managerial Economics

·    Financial Accounting

·    Quantitative Techniques

·    Business Communication

·    Entrepreneurship

·    Marketing Management

·    Data Base Management System

·    Machine Learning

·    Business Environment



·    Business Strategy

·    Research Methodology

·    Legal Aspects of Business

·    Data Mining

·    Open Elective-I

·    Seminar/Internship

·    Strategic Management

·    Business Management

·    Leadership

·    Business Analytics

·    Open Elective-II

·    Project Work


  • Business Intelligence for Dummies by Swain Scheps
  • A Practitioner’s Guide to Business Analytics by Randy Barlett
  • Business unintelligence: Insight and Innovation Beyond Analytics and Big Data by Barry Devlin
  • Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data by Phil Simon
  • Successful Business Intelligence: Unlock the Value of BI and Big Data by Cindi Howson
  • Performance Dashboards – Measuring, Monitoring and Managing Your Business by Wayne Eckerson
  • Information Dashboard Design by Stephen Few

Business Intelligence and Analytics Fees

  • Course Fees vary with the choice of University, Institute, and Learning Medium.
  • Pursuing an Online course of MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics course fee is in the range of 50,000 INR to 2,60,000 INR according to the enrolled University.
  • While pursuing regular Business Intelligence and Analytics course fees are between 4,00,000 INR to 27,00,000 INR and fees of pursuing a part-time MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics course is in the range of 60,000 INR to 1,90,000 INR depending upon enrolling Institute or University choice.


  • The course of Business Intelligence and Analytics is two years (4 semesters).
  • The first and Second semester focuses on advanced learning of basic MBA subjects, while the Third and Fourth semesters focus on enriching students with Business Intelligence and Analytics specialization subjects with different specific electives, the course aims to provide deep learning.
  • In case of mishappening if students don’t complete the course in 2 years they get a chance to complete it in a duration of 4 to 5 years, varying according to enrolled University.


  • Data Scientist: In this profile, a person has to handle a large amount of unstructured data using different tools and applications through several modes by using different algorithms. Its average salary is about INR 13LPA in India.
  • Supply Chain Analyst: A person who analyses or researches different data and methods to improve company performance and growth. It requires analyzing and presenting skills. Its average salary is INR 9LPA in India.
  • Business Analyst: A person has to analyze an organization’s different past and present data, performance, products, and finance to help in improvement. Its annual average salary is about INR 13LPA in India.
  • Team Leader: Needs the ability to face challenges, take responsibility, manage the team, and make a friendly environment between them to reach specific goals. Its average salary is INR 11 LPA in India.
  • Market Analyst: Develop business products in sales and marketing by analyzing the consumer and demand to make a profit within it. Its average salary is about INR 9 LPA in India.
  • Business Advisor: A long-term position in a business organization helps to complete their specific goals. Its average salary is about INR 10LPA in India.
  • Business Consultant: Helps in resolving business problems by providing specific solutions in benefits of organization by analysing data and information. Its average salary is about INR 11LPA in India.
  • Analytics Specialist: Expert in an organization who helps resolve issues, makes reports, analyzes data, and plans presentations to make improvising in business and its product. Its average salary is about INR 9LPA in India.
  • Operations Analyst: The person manages and optimizes all the operations in an organization to run the business effectively. It has an average salary is about INR 8LPA in India.
  • Intelligence Manager: The person analyses the organization, marketing, and its performances and promotes business products offline or online. It has an average salary of INR 11LPA in India.

Other Specialization of MBA

Other Modes of Learning

  • Regular Courses:

Regular MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics Courses are offered by a wide variety of Universities and Institutions that offer regular 2-year post-graduate courses, divided into four to six semesters in MBA, they provide placement in top companies across the world. It includes the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) which is India’s top Management Business School that offers an MBA in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis course which is established by the government, based on the recommendation of the Planning Commission of India, they offer 2-year MBA program and have fees about 21 to 27 Lakhs for the 2-year post-graduate program depending upon Institute and specialization.

  • Distance Courses:

By visualizing market demand many University provides distance courses in MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics in India which is designed to provide ease to working professionals to seek MBA degrees along with Jobs to grow in careers and achieve life goals while pursuing cost is around INR 2LPA in India.

  • 1 Year Courses:

It is gaining popularity in recent times, mainly by working professional who needs a master’s degree in Business Intelligence and Analytics for career development and promotion. So they can seek an MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics degree while working and advance in their life and get a salary increment in a one-year program.


Business Intelligence and Analytics provide advantages in today’s business firms and provide lots of opportunities for these degree professionals. Online course offers flexibility with different opportunities, its starting package of 6LPA in India and helps students to learn, enhance, and strengthen their knowledge deeply. Students seeking this online course have various other advantages and scopes outside India too.

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