Online MBA Course

MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a postgraduate degree intended to give individuals a thorough understanding of management and business principles. It provides individuals with the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to succeed in the business and management field. Online MBA Course, also known as Distance MBA or Distance Learning MBA program, allows you to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program without being physically present on a university campus. 

This form of education uses technology to deliver content, facilitate interaction, and evaluate students’ progress. Online MBA has gained popularity due to its flexibility and accessibility, allowing working professionals, individuals in remote locations, or those with other commitments to pursue an MBA program without the need to attend traditional, on-campus classes.

Benefits of Online MBA Courses

Flexibility: Online MBA programs provide students with unparalleled flexibility. It allow them to balance their work, family, and other obligations while continuing their education in India. It particularly benefits working professionals who want to improve their skills and credentials while maintaining their careers.

Admission to Renowned Institutions: Online MBA programs remove geographical barriers, allowing students to access quality education through Renowned Management Universities or Top B Schools. It’s accessibility increases the pool of potential students, making advanced business training available to a more diverse and global audience.

Economical Fee Structure: Online MBAs are more cost-effective than traditional campus-based programs. It reduce the cost of commuting and accommodation. Some programs offer lower tuition fee, which makes advanced business education accessible to a broader demographic.

Same Recognition as Compared to the Regular Course: Many Popular Universities in India now offer UGC-entitled online MBAs, or DEB (Distance Education Bureau) approved distance learning master business administration programs, as the demand for online learning has increased. The recognition by concerned authorities ensures the program is of high academic standard and acceptance by employers. This adds credibility and value to the degree.

For Indian Students

For Foreign students

Eligibility to join Online MBA in India

Duration of Online MBA Course​

Minimum Duration: The minimum duration for an Online MBA or Distance MBA program in India is typically around 2 years or 4 Semesters (every semester is of six months)

Maximum Duration: Many MBA universities allow a small extension to the standard duration due to unforeseeable circumstances. This extension is usually limited, and students must complete the program in a maximum of 4-5 Years after admission.

You should be aware that specific durations can vary between institutions, and some universities in India offer additional flexibility or accelerated options.

Online MBARegular MBA
Easy Admission in top Universities

Limited Seats Availability

Live lectures as well as Recorded
Only classroom lectures

Flexible Learning

No Flexibility

Global Acceptance

Global Acceptance

Can pursue along with Job
Cannot pursue along with Job
Online Exposure with Industry Expert

Limited Scope

Online MBA Courses Vs Regular MBA Course

Online MBA Course Fees

In India, the course fee for the Online MBA program is very low as compared to regular MBA courses. Generally, It ranges between INR 10000 Per Sem and 50000 Per Sem. Online MBA Course fees vary with the choice of specialization and the University in which students enroll. A less-known university might charge low fees while prestigious top institutions having high NAAC credentials charge high fees. Universities having high credentials provide quality curriculum, experienced faculty, and better placement opportunities to their student.

Applicant doesn’t require any physical appearance to the university or institute, it can be easily accessed through the University Online Admission Web Portal. Everything is computerized in a manner to provide flexible end-to-end communication between Applicants to the University Interface. The applicant only needs to fill out an Application form provided by the University portal and after filling it has to be uploaded on Web Portal with the required documents which include:

Web Portal Supports Online Payment Gateway. After completion of the Process Applicant receive a university-signed soft copy by email and a hard card by post.

Admission Process for Online MBA In India

MBA Admission Process

Specialization Available In Online MBA Courses

In India there are several specialization that have become very popular and helps in developing a high flying career. People, who are into such a field where they get to specialize at a particular area like marketing, finance or human resources management, can attempt this course of study even though the shortcomings of distance learning is taken into consideration. Online classes, collaborative coursework, and networking through online platforms are incorporated into the learning format to ensure comprehensive transfer of knowledge. Here are MBA Specialization:

Note: Many universities in India also offer the option to choose between single or dual specializations.

Top Universities For Online MBA in India


Lovely Professional University

2 Years Course
Fee : ₹44,000/Sem
Duration: 24 Months


Manipal University Jaipur

2 Years Course
Fee : ₹43,750/Sem
Duration: 24 Months


Uttaranchal University

2 Years Course
Fee : ₹20,500/Sem
Duration: 24 Months


Jain University

2 Years Course
Fee : ₹37,500/Sem
Duration: 24 Months


Amity University

2 Years Course
Fee : ₹45,000/Sem
Duration: 24 Months

Syllabus of online MBA

Online MBA Courses is to provide management understanding with improvement in basic ethics which require good structural design for modern day firm. So, the basic motive for designing the syllabus is to provide an easy way to fulfill all requirements. The below list may vary with  Universities and specialization :

Semester I
  • Managerial Economics
  • Principles Practices of Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Reporting, Statements and Analysis
  • Communication Skills and Professional Management
Semester II
  • Corporate Finance
  • Business Analytics
  • Financial Management and Project Management
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Business Communication
Semester III
  • Corporate Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • Conflict Resolution and Management System
  • Elective I
  • Elective II
  • Open Elective I
  • Seminar on Summer Training
Semester IV
  • Digital Marketing
  • International Management System
  • Elective III
  • Elective IV
  • Open Elective II
  • Major Project Work
  • Advertising Management and Sales Promotion

Books for MBA Program in India

1. Principles of Management by Harold Koontz and Heinz Weihrich

2. Financial Management: Theory & Practice by Eugene F. Brigham and Michael C. Ehrhardt

3. Marketing Management by Philip Kotler

4. Operations Research: An Introduction by Hamdy A. Taha

5. Organizational Behavior by Stephen P. Robbins

6. Managerial Economics by D.N. Dwivedi

7. Management Accounting by Khan & Jain

8. Human Resource Management by Gary Dessler

9. Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases by Fred R. David

10. Business Communication: Building Critical Skills by Kitty O. Locker and Stephen Kyo Kaczmarek

Academic Delivery

Universities offers a dedicated LMS (Learning Management System) or Learning Portal to enrolled candidates, where students can access – course books for each subject, live and recorded lectures, Assignment questions, Important notes & PPT, Demo Exams, Discussion forums, Query Sessions, etc.

Examination Details for Online MBA

Distance learning MBA program typically include online exams, projects, assignments, and virtual discussions. The exam Conducted at the end of the semester which is usually divided into two parts :

Award of Degree / Certification

The student may download his marks card from the university portal at the end of every exam. After completing his course, the student may request to deliver the hard copies of the marks card and degree.

List of Universities which offer Online MBA

Here are Some Top MBA Universities with their Fee.

UniversityNIRF 2023 (Management)Fee (in INR)
Anna University, Tamil Nadu
Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Odisha
SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Tamil Nadu
Bharathiar University, Tamil Nadu
Shanmugha Arts Science Technology and Research Academy, Tamil Nadu
Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation University, Andhra Pradesh
Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Higher Education, Tamil Nadu
Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu
Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala
JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research
Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Science
Bharathidasan University
Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh
Mysore University, Karnataka
Dr. D.Y.Patil Vidyapeeth, Maharashtra
Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjab
Sathyambama Institute of Science and Technology
Periyar University
Shiv Nadar University, Uttar Pradesh
Jain Univerity, Karnataka
Shooline University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences
Mizoram University, Mizoram
Maharishi Markandeshwar, Haryana
Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu
Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalay, Madhya Pradesh
G.L.A. University, Uttar Pradesh
Guru Jambeshwar University of Science and Technology
Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Tamil Nadu
Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies
Manipal University, Rajasthan
Padamshree Dr. D.Y.Patil Vidyapeeth
B.S. Abdur Rahman Cresent Institute of Science and Technology

Is Online MBA Course Worth it?

This Course aims to provide ease to working professionals, and remote candidates who want to seek an Online degree but have a lack of resources such as, family responsibility, lack of infrastructure, cost, and many more.

It is as good as a regular degree but in a digital way, so working professionals and other aspirants can easily enhance their managerial skills and can earn a reputed degree

The Syllabus is same as the Offline MBA Course.

The best Professors in the University are assigned for each subject.

An Online degree which is provided by UGC recognized University is valid all over the world.

It is designed in a manner which fulfill all the requirement of learner and help to develop all the needed skills.

Importance of Online MBA Courses

Increase Income:

It program helps in promotion or salary increment of working professionals by developing soft and hard skills.

Subject Knowledge:

Having potential knowledge of a subject increases demand and provides more attention than others.

Creative Skill:

One can learn persistence in the process of continually trying a new approach to solve that problem. Additionally, students can also become better at working and thinking as a team.


In today's competitive world, Experts in one subject are valued more than in many subjects which can be obtained by this Course. It helps to develop unique skills with knowledge.


It provide more placement opportunity in large MNCs, Banking, Educational Sector, and many more.

Job Switching:

Earning this degree may enhance new job options and opportunities & makes you demanding in the market.

Communication Skill:

Provides clarity in roles, responsibilities, and relationships clear gives everyone the information they need to do their jobs and to understand their contributions to the organization. Effective communication reduces conflicts, misunderstandings, and mistakes. It helps to boost confidence and make us feel more engaged and resilient.

Problem Solving:

It provides people to solve problems in their lives and work. Employers want people who can think creatively and solve problems. Employees need problem solving skills to help them succeed in their jobs and work more effectively with others and they have a deeper understanding of causality. They learn to look at Problems from a new perspective.

Skills and Benefit of Online MBA Course

Technical Skill

It helps you to get higher paying jobs whether you are employed or self-employed, it allows you to leverage the technology that pays you well. The better you understand the technology, the more value you get better salaries compared to non-technical jobs. Technical professionals are in high demand across a variety of industries, especially in corporate.

Problem Solving

It helps to solve problems in their lives and work. Organizations demand people who can think creatively and solve problems easily. Problem-solving skills help organizations to succeed in their business and work more effectively in a competitive world, and they have a deeper understanding which results in minimum causality by better understanding the problems from a new perspective which results in making more capable of taking more calculated risks.

Communication Skill

Good communication provides better clarity in roles, responsibilities, relationships, and information needed to do their jobs and helps to provide more contributions to the organization. Effective communication reduces misunderstandings, and conflicts and helps to resolve the mistakes. It results in boosting confidence levels and makes us feel more engaged and resilient in life.

Organizational Skill

It help you to be disciplined and to focus on your time and efforts. This Course allows us to be more resourceful to the organization and growth and progress of the organization. Organizational skills provide more ways to help in completing deadlines, give attention to what's important about the work you do, what measures to be taken how to do and how to set goals and think strategically.

Opportunities In Online MBA Program


✔ Regular Courses:

Only a few professional courses in the world have the same demand that an MBA(Master of Business Administration) has and the degree is renowned for transforming common individuals into competent business managers. In India, the MBA significantly changes the business landscape, which is brilliant, dynamic, and autonomous adapting to the demands of a thriving business atmosphere. Regular MBA Course is a 2-year full-time program that provides knowledge in business principles, management, and leadership skills. It equips students with skills that will enable them to succeed in the competition in this competitive world.

The master’s business administration course in India focuses on developing education, including both emotional skills training and technical skills acquisition. Also, the students are engaged in group work, problem-solving, communication, and leadership challenges among others, as a way to boost their ability to handle managerial responsibilities. A lot of schools in management consider that it is crucial to give students an overseas experience as part of international exchange programs. This gives them a new understanding of the environment of commercial activity in a multinational business.

As such, the standard business administration program in India represents a significant starting point for those who are highly ambitious to shine brightly in the business context. However, it is more than providing knowledge, it drives the development of the future generation of leaders who dare to hold complicated situations, innovate ideas, and think about sustainable ways of working. As the global business landscape becomes dynamic to the day, the Indian MBA curriculum re-gropes itself accordingly to facilitate the development of skills and expertise for the emerging economic world.

It is not only the fact that pursuing master business administration in India yields a wide range of prospects such as networking with the stalwarts in the field to rather getting hands-on experience during internships with leading corporations. In one way yet another very helpful and formative way, the road might be tough but be given a chance to evolve as individuals as well as change our ways of approaching our careers. For those interested in management, leadership, and innovation, an ordinary MBA in India is the most useful road to a respectable and effective career in the corporate sphere.

✔ Distance Courses:

Distance MBA programs represent a new option in the Indian education system for working professionals, future managers, as well as others who want to boost their career pathways without having to take a break from their current affairs. Normally, work takes people off the track of pursuing greater learning possibilities. The Distance MBA becomes the reflection of trends and flexibility in education for working professionals.

The key to a Distance in master business administration program in India is flexible learning with opportunities in hand. It serves the purpose of a vast number of people who are from different backgrounds; the working professionals who require career-boosting to homemakers who are willing to take on financial independence and others. The program is meant to free space and allow students in hard-to-reach areas of the country to practice in highly esteemed institutions from the comfort of their homes. Students may benefit from a combination of online courses, virtual classes, and study materials, and they could customize their learning schedules while fitting them into their daily lives.

Distance master business administration courses offered in India are no shorter in their execution than the curriculum of the conventional MBA program. It is a wide-range area that comprises the practice of numerous economic fields like finance and marketing, strategy, and human resources. It awards students with the whole concept and practice of managerial principles. Examples include assignments, case studies, and interactive sessions to grow quick thinking and gain practical skills of theoretical knowledge. Workers such as group projects will not only allow them to mingle as a team but also prepare them for the varying realities of the work environment where change is about to happen.

Other mode of MBA Courses

Types of MBA Courses in India

✔  General Management Course:

Integrated Course of General Management is a training program in master business administration, which aims to deepen and widen the knowledge of different aspects of management. It is concerned with the core of finance, marketing, production, human resource management, strategy, and organizational behavior. This category is particularly successful for those looking to gain a basic knowledge of the principles of management to qualify for leadership positions in the business industry. The central idea is to build one’s competence by acquiring skills that are transferable and extended across various organizational departments.

✔ Executive MBA (EMBA) Course:

An EMBA Course (Executive MBA Course) is exclusively designed for working professionals who already have strong experience in handling managerial functions in business administration. Unlike the usual MBA program, the EMBA program address individuals, who are interested in enriching their management skills, enhancing their leadership ability, and accumulating business knowledge, leaving their full-time work to do. Indeed, the EMBA programs are largely applied and practically oriented where more attention is given to live cases, real projects, as well as networking among the experienced participants.

✔ Diploma in Management (PGDM) Course:

PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) Course is a high-level specialization program, in which students get an opportunity to learn different management aspects. It generally is more industry-related and it focuses on the application of the theory to as well as the practice. PGDM programs tend to be focused on being more agile, to align with changing employment trends or students’ interests. Master Business Administration courses aim to transfer learning to students and endow them with the relevant competencies to excel in their fields whether these may be finance, marketing, human resources, operations, or international business.

✔ Management Certification Course:

The Management Certification Course in business administration target to develop selected skills or acquiring particular expertise in the management of a certain area. The courses provided in the program differ in their duration and may last anywhere from a few weeks to three months. Such courses can be very effective for professionals who may want to increase their abilities, operate in a narrow field, or discover the novelties of management. Management classes are on all-embracing project management, digital marketing, supply chain management, and leadership development as other topics.

✔ 1 Year Course:

1 Year Courses in master business administration programs are highly specialized and in-depth, and the educational curriculum is offered in a short period mainly to working professionals. These programs offer a great deal of benefits for those working professionals who do not want to stay away from their workplace or work under low pay while at the same time developing their management abilities and capabilities. In general, the programs lasting for a year need larger time input than longer training. Moreover, they may be tougher than the other ones. These courses, apart from covering basic management subjects, offer a wide range of elective courses on which the students can choose what they want to pursue and what they aspire to be in the future.


Online MBA or distance learning MBA program are flexible, accessible, and convenient ways to earn an master business administration degree while managing other responsibilities mainly for working professionals. It will grow in popularity and effectiveness as technology advances.
Note: The approval of the institution or university that offers the online or distance learning MBA degree is crucial to reputation and recognition. Prospective students should carefully choose approved programs to ensure that their MBA is recognized and of high quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are online MBA programs accredited in India?

Yes, Online MBA programs are accredited by UGC-DEB which guarantees that the degree is valid and is acceptable in various fields.

No, the curriculum of an Online MBA Course is similar to traditional regular programs but mode has more flexible delivery methods such as online lectures, virtual discussions, and multimedia resources.

Admission requirements significantly differ from one institution to another but typically include a bachelor’s degree, while in some institutions standardized test such as the GMAT or GRE scores, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose required. Some University also allow direct admission to the students.
Yes, MBA online programs enhance student with deep subject knowledge in various fields with lots of opportunity. Here are top five specialization in India: Sales and Marketing • Finance Management • Human Resource Management • Digital Marketing • Healthcare Management
The future of online MBA courses in India looks promising, with continued evolution in technology and increasing attraction of online education by working professionals and remote students. As demand for flexible and accessible higher education grows, online MBA course play significant role in shaping the future of business education.

The primary difference lies in the mode of delivery. While traditional MBA programs typically require on-campus attendance, Online MBAs offer flexibility, allowing students to complete coursework remotely via the internet. Despite this difference, both programs often provide similar curriculum content and accreditation.

The duration of an Online MBA Course varies depending on the institution and the student’s pace of study. However, most programs can be completed in 1.5 to 3 years, with some offering accelerated options for students looking to graduate more quickly.

Yes, one of the significant advantages of Online MBA programs is their flexibility, which allows students to continue working full-time while completing their studies. However, it’s essential to manage your time effectively and communicate with your employer about your educational commitments to ensure a healthy work-study balance.

When choosing an Online MBA program, consider factors such as accreditation, curriculum quality, faculty expertise, program reputation, flexibility, affordability, and student support services. Researching and comparing multiple programs can help you find the best fit for your academic and career goals.


When choosing an Online MBA program, consider factors such as accreditation, curriculum quality, faculty expertise, program reputation, flexibility, affordability, and student support services. Researching and comparing multiple programs can help you find the best fit for your academic and career goals.


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