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Online BA Course is a 3-year Under-graduate degree in Arts to prepare students for further career development in subject such as humanities, social studies, economics and many more. It provides student with quality subject learning with better understanding through digital live lectures. Students can experience good environment for learning and enhance in their carrier. Different programs such as internship and seminars are provided with Online course which allows students to meet with Industry expert who can help and guide students in the path of their goals. Cost of pursuing regular BA Course is becoming more expensive in daily life, online course provides opportunity to fulfil degree requirement in daily life in affordable price within top UGC recognized University and enhance your knowledge, skills and helps to grow in Arts domain.

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Is Online BA Course valid?

Online B.Com Regular B.Com
Easy Admission in top Universities
Limited Seats Availability
Live lectures as well as Recorded
Only classroom lectures
Flexible Learning
No Flexibility
Global Acceptance
Global Acceptance
Can pursue along with Job
Cannot pursue along with Job
Online Exposure with Industry Expert
Limited Scope

Online BA vs Regular BA

Online BA Course Eligibility Criteria?

Universities For Online BA in India


Uttaranchal University

3 Years Course
Fee : ₹16,500/Sem
Duration: 36 Months


Lovely Professional University

3 Years Course
Fee : ₹24,000/Sem
Duration: 36 Months


Amity University

3 Years Course
Fee : ₹20,000/Sem
Duration: 36 Months


Sikkim Manipal University

3 Years Course
Fee : ₹ 12,500/Sem
Duration: 36 Months

Fee of Online BA Course is very affordable as compared to traditional BA Course. It starts from INR 54,000 and maximum up to INR 1,05,000 depending upon specialization and university. University fees vary with choice of specialization including course facilities and benefits. Sometimes course is accredited with different companies or other institutions which provide support in the course it affects the fees of the course.

Online BA Course Fees

CourseWhat you learn?


Enhance knowledge on social area such as human behavior, about society and its structures.

Political Science

Get to know about different policies, laws,theories, ideology, leaders and many more.


Get to interact with various novels, poets, writers, poetry, and many more.

Specializations in Online BA Course

Online BA Course syllabus is designed to provide basic understanding about arts field in today’s developing world, and allow to fulfil of course requirement in carrier pathways by enhancing basic ethics and skills according to modern-day world needs in easy and understandable way, curriculum provided below may be vary with University and Course you enrolled in:

Semester Subject
Semester I
  • English-I
  • Sociology
  • Indian English literature
  • English Communication Skills
  • Political Science
  • Natural science
Semester II
  • Psychology
  • Political Theory
  • Statistics
  • English-II
  • Environmental Science
  • Advanced English Communication Skills
Semester III
  • Disaster Management
  • Essays and Poetry
  • Comparative Political Analysis
  • Academic Writing
  • Digital Fluency
Semester IV
  • Human Behaviour
  • Indian Political Thought
  • Globalization
  • Specialization Elective-I And Elective-II
Semester V
  • Children’s Literature And Human Rights
  • Social Problems in India
  • Specialization Elective-III
  • Specialization Elective-IV
Semester VI
  • American Literature
  • Sociology of Change and Development
  • United Nations and Global Conflict
  • Specialization Elective-V
  • Specialization Elective-VI

Syllabus Of Online BA

University Online Web Portal is used for student registration and admission using user Interface. Candidate does not require to be appear to any University or Institute for admission. Digital platform is used with flexible timing, only user need to fill the given online Application form and has to submit to portal along with following document:

University Web Portal Supports Online Payment Gateway in final process and after completion of Process Applicant receive university signed soft copy by email and hard card by post.

Admission Process In Online BA

Importance of BA Course in india

Indian University that provides Online BA Program

University NIRF 2023
Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi
Aligarh Muslim University, Uttar Pradesh
Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Odisha
Bharathiar University, Tamil Nadu
Chandigarh University, Punjab
Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu
Lovely Professional University, Punjab
Bharathidasan University, Tamil Nadu
Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh
Dr. D.Y.Patil Vidyapeeth, Maharashtra
Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjab
Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi
Sathyambama Institute of Science and Technology
Madurai Kamraj University, Tamil Nadu
Periyar University, Tamil Nadu
Gujarat University, Gujarat
Shooline University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences
Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu
Manipal University, Rajasthan
Sikkim Manipal University
Kurukshetra University, Haryana
Kuvempu University, Karnataka
Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, Haryana

Opportunities in Online BA Course

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Online BA Course?
An Online BA Course is a program that allows students to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree entirely through online study. It offers flexibility in scheduling and accessibility, allowing students to pursue their degree from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Humanities: Literature, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Linguistics
  • Social Sciences: Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Economics, Political Science
  • Fine Arts: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music, Creative Writing
  • Communication: Journalism, Media Studies, Public Relations, Advertising
The duration of an Online BA Course varies depending on factors such as the institution, the student’s course load, and any prior credits or qualifications they may have. Typically, a full-time student can complete an online BA course in three to four years, while part-time students may take longer.
Admission requirements vary by institution but commonly include a high school diploma or equivalent qualification. Some programs may also require standardized test scores (such as the SAT or ACT), letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and/or an admissions interview.
Exams and assessments in an Online BA Course are typically conducted through virtual platforms. These may include online quizzes, essays, research papers, projects, and presentations. Some courses may also require proctored exams, which are supervised remotely to ensure academic integrity.
Graduates of an Online BA Program may pursue a wide range of career opportunities depending on their area of specialization. Potential career paths include roles in education, government, non-profit organizations, media and communications, marketing, human resources, and more. Some students may also choose to pursue further study at the graduate level.
Online BA programs employ various measures to ensure academic integrity, such as proctored exams, plagiarism detection software, secure online testing platforms, and clear academic integrity policies. Instructors may also design assessments that require critical thinking, analysis, and application of knowledge to deter academic dishonesty.
To apply for an Online BA Course, you typically need to complete an online application form and submit required documents such as transcripts, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. Some programs may also require an admissions interview. Deadlines and application requirements vary by institution, so it’s essential to carefully review the application instructions provided by the program you’re interested in
Online BA Courses employ various measures to ensure academic integrity, such as proctored exams, plagiarism detection software, secure online testing platforms, and clear academic integrity policies. Instructors may also design assessments that require critical thinking, analysis, and application of knowledge to deter academic dishonesty.

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