IIM Ahmedabad: Admission, Placements and Fees 2024

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Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM Ahmedabad) is one of the oldest management schools in India, set up in 1961. Being a renowned business school, it offers well-acclaimed academic programs and highly professional faculty, marking its presence among the world’s most recognized business management schools. The institute has enhanced high standards, ambitious teaching strategies, and mutuality with employers that have fostered great business owners and managers. Situated on a campus of 103 acres the architectural design of the IIM-A is done by Louis Kahn, providing the institutional facilities and an engaging atmosphere that is inimitable, thus making it a preferred institute for management learning.

About IIM Ahmedabad

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad is one of the premier management institutes in India, equally recognized for tradition in management education as well as inculcation of rich, innovative teaching techniques. IIM A has always remained at the top of the list of Management Schools in the world. This is due to the numerous programs that make up its portfolio, such as the Post Graduate Program (PGP). The institute’s faculty, research, and placement opportunities create a solid foundation for those who dare to lead a business career.

Why Choose IIM Ahmedabad?

Unique Features and Strengths

  • Pedagogical Excellence: Famous for its case-based approach, Asia’s toughest business curriculum, & experiential learning model that builds leaders.
  • Faculty Expertise: Faculty team consisting of pioneer academics and professionals who teach up-to-date materials and discoveries.
  • Industry Interface: Closeness with industries, inviting speakers, and projects that make learning more profound and keep the practitioners’ angle in mind.
  • Global Exposure: A wide international collaboration, student mobility, and internship possibilities.
  • Alumni Network: Strong postgraduate alumni connections, including mentorship program and networking connections across the globe with portfolio diversity.

History of Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad, the First Indian Institute Management Ahmedabad or IIM-A, was established in 1961 under an agreement between the Indian Government, the Gujarat Government, Chambers of Commerce, and industrialists of the state of Gujarat. Images such as those of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and Kasturbhai Lalbhai were instrumental to the creation of the institute. The institute was planned to develop into a center of management education in India on par with international standards. Its distinct learning model, the use of the case method, and its focus on action learning introduced changes in the management education scenario in India as well as at the international level.

Campus and Infrastructure

IIM Ahmedabad is equipped with a modern architectural design, with some parts of the building exhibiting a touch of India’s ancient cultural architectural designs done by Louis Kahn. The school has a total area of 102 acres, with a heritage campus and a new campus on its premises. The design of the heritage campus includes red-brick structures with exposed concrete accents. This comprises modern teaching complexes, students’ hostels, and amenities buildings. The physical environment of the campus is composed heavily of greeneries which enhances the tranquility of the environment needed for learning and personal development.

The facilities available are:

Academic Programs

  • Post Graduate Program (PGP):

The PGP, IIM Ahmedabad’s flagship two-year full-time MBA course, produces good management and future capable leaders. The program entails a strict course and practical learning as the strategies of teaching the students to make them fit for different careers in different organizations.

  • Post Graduate Program for Executives (PGPX):

The PGPX is a one-year, full-time residential MBA program for working executives. They include leadership development, strategic perspectives, and global business acumen, thus suitable for mid-career professionals who want to gear up their careers.

  • Faculty Development Program (FDP):

Its primary goal is to improve the teaching and research capacity through increasing managerial and teaching skills and knowledge in management theories, teaching practices, and research procedures.

  • ePost Graduate Program (ePGP):

This consists of both online and on-campus commital and thus allows working professionals to obtain management education without sacrificing their work. It provides major management courses and minor courses.

  • Executive Education Programs

Executive education programs of IIM Ahmedabad are designed to suit the busy professionals of today’s corporate world. These programs include short-term programs that may take a few weeks and long-term programs that may take a year or more, consisting of leadership training, strategic management, financial management, marketing, and operation management. The executive education options are to fit the emerging demands of businesses and industries with the most up-to-date concepts and primary and practical experience.

  • Fellow Programme in Management (FPM):

FPM is a full-time doctoral program designed to create efficient scholars and researchers in the field of management. This university also specializes in different fields like marketing, finance, economics, organizational behavior, etc. The distinct focus is on scholarly, precise processes such as research, critical analysis, and scholarly achievement.

  • Research Initiatives:

The institute closely encourages research through various of its Centres/Initiatives involved in research activities. The institute fosters research initiatives with prospection that motivates the faculty and students to undertake research that provides solutions to existing business problems and adds to the existing knowledge in management. Industry collaboration and research links with other institutions around the world further improve and increase the effectiveness of research done in IIM-A.

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Admission Process

Eligibility Criteria

  • Post Graduate Program (PGP):

Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in any field with a minimum of 50 % marks or equivalent CGPA for the General Category candidates whereas 45 % for the SC/ST/PwD candidates.

whereas 45 % for the SC/ST/PwD candidates.

The final-year undergraduate students and those who have completed all the requirements for obtaining their bachelor’s degree and waiting for results can also apply.

Must appear for the CAT/GMAT exam.

  • Post Graduate Program for Executives (PGPX):

Applicants should hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline.

Minimum four years of full-time working experience after graduation.

Selection Process

  • Written Ability Test (WAT):

Those candidates who have cleared the first round by scoring adequately on the CAT/GMAT take the Written Ability Test (WAT). WAT measures the specific candidate’s capacity to express in a logically well-structured manner certain ideas and opinions on a particular subject in a particular period.

  • Personal Interview (PI):

After the WAT, the candidate is interviewed on a one-to-one basis or in a group depending on the management’s decision by a panel of faculty members. The PI assesses whether the candidate is academically suitable, which Professional experience, Interpersonal skills, and fit in the program.

Thus, the final shortlist is prepared based on an overall indexed score that takes into account the entrance test score, WAT, PI, and the portfolio that includes academic achievement and work experience information. In addition to the scores obtained, IIM Ahmedabad also examines the candidate’s performance in terms of domain, leadership, and diversity profile.

Faculty and Research

  • Overview of the Faculty

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad boasts a distinguished faculty comprising renowned scholars, industry experts, and accomplished researchers. The faculty members bring a wealth of academic knowledge and practical experience to the classroom, enriching the learning experience for students. They are actively involved in research, consulting, and publishing in leading academic journals. The faculty’s commitment to excellence in teaching and research has significantly contributed to IIM-A’s reputation as a premier management institute.

  • Research Centers and Initiatives

IIM Ahmedabad has several dedicated research centers and initiatives that focus on various aspects of management and business:

          1. Centre for Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship (CIIE): Supports startups and promotes entrepreneurship through incubation, mentoring, and funding.

         2. Ravi J. Matthai Centre for Educational Innovation (RJMCEI): Focuses on research and innovation in the field of education.

         3. Centre for Management of Health Services (CMHS): Researches health systems and healthcare management.

      4. Centre for Infrastructure Policy and Regulation (CIPR): Engages in research on infrastructure development and regulatory policies.

  • Notable Research Projects

1. Some of the research undertakings by IIM Ahmedabad faculty or by its research wings are as follows, which focus on significant issues of business and society:

2. Inclusive Business Models: Library compilation of literature related to socially responsible business strategies and their impact on disadvantaged populations.

3. Corporate Governance: Research publications regarding the enhancement of corporate governance standards and correlates to India.

4. Sustainable Development: Studies on the best practices in the management of the economy for future growth and protection of the environment.

5. Behavioral Economics: Literature reviews focusing on consumer psychological motivations as well as on consumers’ decision-making across economic environments.

Student Life

  • Clubs and Societies

Clubs and societies are available to the students at IIM Ahmedabad, and they all have many opportunities to engage in. These include:

     1. Academic Clubs: Social activities clubs including the Marketing Club, Finance Club, Operations Club, and so on, which engage in providing events, workshops, and guest speakers.

    2. Cultural Clubs: such as the Drama Club, Music Club, Dance Club, etc., which act as forums where student can_exprime their talents.

   3. Sports Clubs: Sometimes named Recreation Clubs such as Cricket Club, Football Clubs, Tennis Clubs, etc., and they aim at healthy fitness of the students along with enhancement in their team.

   4. Social and Community Clubs: Prayaas (social service club), Environment Club, etc. involve the student in social service and environmentally friendly activities.

  • Cultural and Sports Events

Drawing special emphasis on the fact that the Indian Institue of Ahmedabad encourages and promotes both cultural and sports activities, campus life is undoubtedly very active. Some of the notable events include

       1. Chaos: An annual cultural carnival that includes such activities as singing, dancing, and acting, as well as competitions and workshops in music, singing, and arts.

         2. Confluence: The IT and electronics summit is the executive forum for discussions, workshops, and competitions with stakeholders, including business leaders, academicians, and students.

         3. Sports Fest: Intra and inter-college sports meet and functions

  • Life on Campus

Experience at IIM Ahmedabad is quite eventful and imaginatively productive, making one’s life a constructive combination of work and play. Thus, the campus is a compact group where students, teachers, and workers are similar and interact with each other. The intellectually enriched classrooms, fully stocked library, spacious hostels, and sports complexes are built and designed to the highest standards. They are provided with a variety of experiences, skills as well as relations that they can build up during their stay at IIM-A which makes their stay experience a wonderful one.

Placements and Career Opportunities

  • Placement Statistics

IIM Ahmedabad has always maintained high standards in campus placements wherein a good number of students are placed in some of the best companies and industries. Placement encompasses summer internships as well as final placements. The mean and mode of salary packages for the freshers are among the highest learned in India. A very high percentage of the students get placed in more than one organization; this proves the marketability of IIM-A in the labor market. Major recruiters at IIM Ahmedabad span various sectors such as consulting, finance, marketing, technology, and general management.

  • Internship Opportunities

Summer Internship at IIM Ahmedabad is well supported since it forms a part of the MBA program curriculum. Internships give students practical exposure to business environments and enable them to submit theoretical concepts to practice. For the summer internships, various organizations engage in the placement process with open positions that correspond to the fields students wish to enter.

Alumni Network

This business school has a powerful alumni base; its graduates strive in different spheres all over the world. Some of the prominent alumni include:

  • Raghuram Rajan: is a retired Governor of the Reserve Bank of India.
  • Harsha Bhogle: International and highly acclaimed cricket analyst and writer
  • Ajay Banga: Former chairman and CEO of the MasterCard Worldwide
  • Arvind Subramanian: He serves as a former Chief Economist and Director on the Board of the World Bank Group; current Vice Chairman of the Financial Planning Commission of the Government of India
  • Mallika Sarabhai: One of the most famous dancers as well as activist of the period.

Global Collaborations    

  • International Partnerships

IIM Ahmedabad has forged B-school linkages with many top-ranked Business schools and universities across the world. They include the exchange of academic work, the development of joint research proposals, and international exposure to students and members of staff. Some of the partner institutions include:

  1. Harvard Business School, USA
  2. London Business School, UK
  3. INSEAD, France
  4. University of British Columbia, Canada
  5. Essec Business School, France
  • Exchange Programs

Exchange programs mean that a student studying at IIM Ahmedabad can take up a program and study in another country. These programs allow the students to switch their learning environment for a term or a semester to partner campuses, culturally and academically diverse. Study abroad programs are useful to the students as a means of connecting with others and experiencing business in another country different from their own.

Rankings and Accreditations

  • National and International Rankings

IIM Ahmedabad is among the world’s and India’s leading B-schools every year. Some recent rankings include:

  1. National Rankings: Many a time it stands ahead in different national MBA rankings in India.
  2. International Rankings: These ranking systems include QS Rankings of World Universities, the Company’s Global MBA Rankings U. S, and FT rankings of Global MBA, including that of The Economist.
  • Accreditations and Recognitions

IIM Ahmedabad holds accreditations and recognitions that validate its academic excellence and management education standards:

  1. Accreditations: It is accredited by AACSB (American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business) and EQUIS, which puts the School in the league of best business schools across the globe.
  2. Recognitions: Accredited by the Indian Government as well as other International organizations for its services to management learning, research, and interaction with the industry.

Upcoming Projects and Expansions

IIM Ahmedabad is continuously evolving and expanding its academic offerings and infrastructure:

Vision for the Future

IIM Ahmedabad's vision focuses on maintaining its leadership in management education and research:


While located in an industrious city, the Indian Institute of Management has state-of-the-art infrastructure designed by Louis Kahn and modern infrastructures such as Vikram Sarabhai Library and sports complexes. IIM-A implements leadership through an academic curriculum and corporate interface which provides competency with its PGP and PGPX programs. The steps include CAT/GMAT scores followed by WAT and then the final step of PI. Leading academic personnel and research institutes define advanced investigations in business and policy. Cultural festivities and activities, sports, and various clubs are some elements that make the lives of students lively. The placement statistics, international tie-ups, and rankings only justify the purpose of studying in IIM-A.


1. What are the basic requirements for IIM Ahmedabad's MBA programs?
Admission criteria for IIM-A include a bachelor’s degree, CAT/GMAT scores, and participation in the Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI).
IIM Ahmedabad stands out among Indian business schools for its distinctive approach to education, which includes the use of the case study method, a rich interface with the industry, expansive global partnerships, and a notable alumni network that plays a significant role in fostering leadership qualities and ensuring career progress.
When it comes to placement opportunities, IIM Ahmedabad excels with impressive placement records. Leading companies from myriad sectors actively recruit from the campus, offering high-profile job roles and comprehensive internship experiences.
The campus life at IIM Ahmedabad is dynamic and enriching, marked by an array of cultural festivities, sporting events, and numerous clubs and societies.
IIM Ahmedabad is renowned for its strong research capabilities, bolstered by a highly esteemed faculty and specialized research centers dedicated to advancing business innovation, policy analysis, and societal contributions.
Yes, IIM Ahmedabad ensures its students gain global perspectives and experiences through its extensive international collaborations and exchange programs with premier universities worldwide.
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