Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

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Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore is one of the top B-Schools in India and is well accredited for its quality teaching, research, and industry interface. Based on the needs, the institute provides several programs like PGP, EPGP, PGPPM, and FPM. IIMB, being on the EQUIS interface and consistently ranking among the top business schools in Asia, focuses more on the application of theoretical concepts coupled with practical knowledge. Its well-equipped research centers, international partners, and strong placement division guarantee students’ leadership positions in different fields. The alumni base is powerful and marks IIMB as the institute of excellence in the hearts of the students.

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Introduction to Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

IIM Bangalore is one of the premier business schools of India founded in 1973. The institute is situated in Bangalore, a city known for IT and software industries, and thus provides a technologically active environment for the students. Benefitting from its reputation as one of the premier B schools in the country offering its ‘Post Graduate Program in Management ‘popularly known as PGP, and the ‘Executive Post Graduate Program’ known as EPGP, IIM Bangalore has access to the best talent from across the country. Being one of the highly reputed and heavily funded B-schools in India, IIM Bangalore claims an extensive 100-acre campus, a pool of brilliant and hardworking faculty members, and well-established connections with the industry to produce future business leaders and entrepreneurs.

History of Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and Establishment

Founding Year and Initial Location

IIM Bangalore was founded in 1973 as the third Indian Institute of Management after IIM Calcutta and IIM Ahmedabad. To begin with, the functioning of the institute was situated at St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, located in the central part of Bangalore. This was more so due to the aspect of the need for a temporal facility due to the construction of the Compartmentalized permanent facility. IIM Bangalore shifted to its present location on Bannerghatta Road in 1983; this is now a campus on 100 acres of lush green land, which is ideal for learning.

Key Milestones in Its Development

Academic Programs

Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP)

PGP is a full-time, two-year MBA program recognized as IIM Bangalore’s flagship Post Graduate Program in Management. Intended to cultivate the young talent for the program, PGP incorporates theoretical analysis and practical experience in business. It comprises core courses in the initial year and numerous choices in the second year that provide concentration in the areas of finance, marketing, operations, and strategy.

Executive Post Graduate Program (EPGP)

The Executive Post Graduate Program in Management (EPGP) is a full-time MBA program spread over one year specifically for working executives. It is proposed to organize the program within the framework of executive education and concentrate on the development of leadership competencies and strategic management skills. It has an extensive curriculum that comprises important management concepts, International immersions, live projects, and industry interfaces.

Post Graduate Program in Public Policy and Management (PGPPM)

The Post Graduate Program in Public Policy and Management caters to the needs of Postgraduate level students who intend to take up careers in the Public sector or nongovernmental organizations or intend to associate themselves with institutions involved in Public Policy. This is a one-year program that seeks to foster policy and managerial capacity; some of the key areas that are covered include governance, public administration, and policy analysis.

Fellow Program in Management (FPM)

The Fellow Program in Management, known as FPM, is an IIM Bangalore doctoral program to produce qualified researchers and academicians. This program focuses on the management discipline mainly but with sub-specializations in finance, marketing, organizational behavior, and economics disciplines.

Other Specialized Programs

IIM Bangalore also offers several specialized programs to cater to diverse professional needs:

Campus and Facilities

Description of the Campus

IIM Bangalore is located in the city of Bangalore, and the area of land occupied by it is 100 acres only. Accommodating a large green area and a calm environment, it was designed by the distinguished architect Dr B. V. Doshi. The style and design of the buildings are very sophisticated and future-oriented designs. Some of the structures found on the campus are composed of academic blocks, student hostels, faculty residences, a library, and other facilities such as stadiums.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Infrastructure

IIM Bangalore offers world-class facilities to its students, faculty, and staff: An up-to-date library in terms of collection development of books, journals, and other information materials. Classrooms are systematically endowed with modern academic facilities. Hostels that make students feel at home with services like internet connection, group discussion rooms, and sports facilities. The sports complex has provisions for basketball, tennis, and badminton courts, and it even has an athletics club with all necessary exercise equipment.

Faculty and Research

Notable Faculty Members

IM Bangalore has a panel of faculty members who are academicians and also possess industrial experience. Some notable faculty members include: Some notable faculty members include Dr. Rishikesha T. Krishnan, Dr. G. Ramesh, and Dr. S. Raghunath.

Research Centers and Initiatives

IIM Bangalore has several research centers that focus on various areas of management and policy:

Contributions to Academia and Industry

IIM Bangalore's faculty and research centers have made significant contributions to academia and industry:

Global Collaborations and Accreditations

International Partnerships and Exchange Programs: International relationships with prestigious B Schools and Universities are well organized at IIM Bangalore. Some notable collaborations include:

Global Collaborations and Accreditations

IIM Bangalore has received prestigious accreditations and consistently ranks among the top business schools in India and Asia:

Admission to the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Admission to the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIM Bangalore) is highly competitive and based on rigorous selection criteria. Prospective candidates must typically have a high score on the Common Admission Test (CAT), followed by a rigorous selection process involving written tests, group discussions, and personal interviews. The institute seeks candidates with strong academic backgrounds, demonstrated leadership potential, and relevant work experience. Diversity in academic disciplines, work profiles, and perspectives is valued, ensuring a dynamic learning environment.

Student Life and Activities

Clubs and Student Organizations: Student life in IIM Bangalore is quite colorful, with many clubs and societies that exist for the students’ leisure:

Events, Seminars, and Conferences

In addition, with the Names of events seminars, and conferences regularly scheduled at IIM Bangalore, students are availed a unique platform to learn, interact, and exhibit their talents.

Placements and Career Opportunities

Placement Statistics and Top Recruiters

IIM Bangalore boasts impressive placement records with a high percentage of students placed in top companies across various sectors: IIM Bangalore boasts impressive placement records with high percentage of students placed in top companies across various sectors:

Internship Opportunities and Industry Projects

IIM Bangalore provides extensive internship opportunities and industry projects, crucial for practical exposure and skill development:

Notable Alumni and Their Contributions

IIM Bangalore has a strong and influential alumni network spread across the globe, making significant contributions in various fields; like corporate leaders take top positions in multinational companies and shape business strategies and development, some of the graduate employers have gone further to create companies and businesses that have greatly enhanced economic development, and there are alumni solving policy issues and actuating policy changes in a government setting.

Alumni Engagement and Support

IIM Bangalore fosters active alumni engagement through various initiatives, like networking, both within and outside the region, in the form of chapter support of alumni relations. Annually, alumni associations also come together to organize meets, reunions, and networking dinners focusing on the linkages.

Recent Developments and Future Plans

New Initiatives and Programs:

IIM Bangalore has been proactive in introducing new initiatives and programs to stay ahead in the field of management education and research:

Future Vision and Goals for the Institute:

IIM Bangalore's future vision is aligned with its commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and societal impact:


IIM Bangalore is the epitome of efficiency and effectiveness in disseminating knowledge in the field of management as validated by global approval in terms of course offerings, faculty profile, and industry linkage. IIMB has always focused on creating and nurturing leaders and scholars who will spearhead change in the era of globalized business and management. The corporation’s promise to foster innovation and produce ethical leaders relevant to academia and business makes it highly valuable. There are many reasons why aspiring managers select IIM Bangalore as the knowledge-gaining institution of choice: a wide coverage of learning opportunities, a vast array of alumni, and the welcoming environment of the institution that prepares students to bring positive changes to the business world and life in general.


1. What are the steps to get into IIM Bangalore?
The selection process usually involves the CAT scores, then academic proficiency, percentage, diversity, and years of work experience. The other processes include completing written examinations, group discussions, and interviews for the qualified candidates.
Generally, a pass in the CAT with a minimum percentile on top of a bachelor’s degree with a specified minimum percentage. The areas of experience, as well as other requirements, may also depend on the program of study of the student.
Although work experience is not necessarily compulsory in most of the programs, it always helps to improve your profile, especially for the EMBA programs and the Fellow Program in Management (FPM). They bring cop practicality into the lectures and help make the class discussions more engaging.
CAT is a common admission test that is conducted by IIMs and other top B-schools in India which offers admission to the management courses. Preparation is generally said to involve the solving of questions with emphasis on those particular to the CAT and the completion of mock tests.
Tuition is standardized to the program, and the costs are adjusted on an annual basis. Scholarship and financial facilities are given to merit-based, diversely qualified, and needy students facilitated by funds from outside and from corporal sponsors of IIM Bangalore.
In industrial placement, IIM Bangalore is one of the best MBA institutes, offering 100% campus placements through its pool of recruiters. The placing of students into jobs, internships, and interactions with the industry is done throughout the year by the Career Development Service (CDS) office.
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