Online MA In English: Course Details, Colleges and Fees

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This web-based program will allow students to develop and enhance their literary and analytical abilities through online education. It is designed for literature lovers.

The program embraces a variety of genres,  regional literature and styles of writing. This course is appreciated for its efficacy, critical thinking abilities coupled with strong communication skills which enable students for different careers or higher studies.

Benefits Of Online MA In English

Who Should Pursue an Online MA In English?

Aspiring Educators

Literature Enthusiasts

Aspiring Writers and Authors

Researchers and Academics

Top Universities Providing MA In English

Name Of The University

Fee In INR

Manipal University


Lovely Professional University


Andhra University


MCM Academy


Integral University




Chandigarh University


Key Highlights of Online MA in English In India

MA English in India allows students to study English literature, critical theory, and linguistics. Students acquire thinking and writing skills for professional pursuits in the academy, publishing, or media-associated fields

Diverse Curriculum
• The syllabus comprises classic texts and contemporary works
of British, American, Indian, and world literature.
• The course helps students widen their knowledge regarding different literary trends and movements.
Focus on Indian Literature
• Students explore works of literature and delve into the rich literary heritage from ancient to contemporary times.
• The course includes of Indian literature Students which promotes appreciation of the multilingual nature of India and translation of other lingual works.

Research Opportunities
• Most of the programs call for the preparation of a dissertation or thesis which includes students exploring a particular literary subject or motif in depth.
• Another advantage of this research experience is that there is a large variety of libraries available, and the use of technology makes it easier for students to access both primary and secondary sources.
• Some students develop research ideas on their own, while others work with faculty members who can offer advice and support since they are experienced professionals in their field of study.
• Engagement in research activities and academic conferences also improves the students’ quality profile and prepares students for further studies such as MPhil/PhD or research-oriented jobs.

Experienced Faculty
• Indian universities offering online MA in English programs are known to have very experienced and renowned faculty members.
• Faculty members often have advanced degrees from prestigious institutions with extensive publication records.
• To ensure that students receive a well-rounded and informed education, their expertise comprises various literary genres, periods, and critical theories.
• Faculty members serve as mentors and advisors as they guide students through their academic and research ventures.
• They help students develop critical thinking and also refine their research methodologies, and navigate their career paths.

Global Perspectives
• MA in English programs in India also provides a global perspective as it incorporates international literary works and critical theories.
• It exposes students to a wide range of voices and narratives as the courses often include studying major literary works from various heritage cultures.
• Students learn about the universality and diversity of human experiences, which are expressed through literature.
• It enhances student’s critical thinking and interpretive skills making them competitive in the international academic and professional areas.
• It prepares students to navigate and contribute to a multicultural and interconnected world, as the inclusion of global literature helps develop empathy and sensitivity toward different cultures.

Syllabus For Online MA In English



·         Sociological Theories

·         Sociology of Kinship

·         Economic Sociology

·         Sociology of India


·         Sociological Theories: Some Conceptual Issues

·         Religion and Society

·         Political Sociology

·         Sociology of India-II



·         Methods of Sociological Research

·         Sociology of Development

·         Sociology of Symbolism

·         Gender and Society

·         Sociology of Media

·         Population and Society


Eligibility And Duration for Online MA In English


certain documents will be required for the application, such as ;

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Marksheet of 10th and 11th class
  3. Migration certificate
  4. Reservation certificate (if applicable)
  5. Signature
  6. Passport size photo


  • It is a 2-year program, but some universities allow four years for competition.
  • Students have the flexibility to accelerate their studies or extend their program duration based on their personal circumstances and academic progress.

Admission Process For Online MA In English

Key Points to Remember

Skills Required for Online MA in English​

Excellent Communication Skills

Strong Analytical Skills

Research Proficiency

Reading Comprehension

Critical Thinking

Language Proficiency

Recommended books

Name of the book

Authors name

Sociological Theory

George Ritzer

The Sociological Imagination

C. Wright Mills

The Division of Labor in Society

Émile Durkheim

Capital: A Critique of Political Economy

Karl Marx

Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste

Pierre Bourdieu

The Structure of Social Action

Talcott Parsons

Social Research Methods

Alan Bryman

The Practice of Social Research

Earl Babbie

The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

Erving Goffman


online MA in English is one of the most convenient ways of achieving further education in the field of English literature and language. This system enables students to combine their courses with family responsibilities or business work, hence making it suitable for busy people. The program includes attributes of critical analysis, good communication and research skills which prepare the students for different jobs including academia, media, and publishing . This proves to be beneficial for students interested in the area of English literature and its enhancement.
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