Online MA in Sociology: Course Details, Fees and Colleges

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Students can achieve an affordable Master’s in Sociology without being physically present in university through an online program. Online MA in sociology usually includes fundamental subjects like sociological theory, research methods, and other subjects like gender, race, and class. They are structured in a way that suits working individuals and those with various responsibilities.

Students participate in online lectures, reading materials and discussion forums, sometimes with a synchronous component for direct interaction with faculty or fellow students. Some of the programs may include a final thesis or research. Graduates are well-prepared for careers in academia, public policy, social research, and various roles within nonprofit and governmental organizations.

What Is an Online MA In Sociology?

Online MA in Sociology provides an effective and convenient way to study sociology for diverse groups of students with different schedule requirements. It prepares students with essential academic, technical, and interpersonal skills. It also provides students with adequate knowledge of sociological theories and research methods. Practical application skills, such as fieldwork and ethical awareness, prepare students for real-world sociological practice, ensuring they can conduct responsible and impactful research. The course helps students address complex social issues and contribute meaningfully to the society.

Who should pursue an online MA in Sociology?

Working Professionals:

  • Full-time working men and women can benefit from an online MA in Sociology because they can learn at their own pace owing to the flexible timetables.
  • It allows students to add value to their qualifications without any interruption in their occupation.
  • This flexibility allows students to manage work, study, personal commitments or take care of other responsibilities.

Career Changers:

  • Students aspiring to change their careers can also enrol for an online MA in Sociology since it helps students gain relevant expertise in social research, public policy, or community development.
  • An online MA in Sociology offers a good ground on sociological theory and research methods, making it perfect for students who intend to continue further studies and become a PhD holders.

Aspiring Academics:

  • Individuals planning to pursue a PhD or an academic career can use an online MA in Sociology to gain a strong foundation in sociological theories and research methodologies.
  • Therefore, it helps prepare students for doctoral studies or teaching roles.

Community Leaders and Activists:

  • It helps student increase their knowledge regarding social problems and educates them regarding successful practices for advocacy and change.
  • This knowledge can help them to do a better job and carry out their duties efficiently and to the maximum of their capabilities.

Public Sector Employees:

  • Professionals in government or public administration can use an online MA to understand social structures and policies better.
  • This education can help them design and implement programs that address societal issues more effectively, improving public services.

Lifelong Learners:

  • Individuals passionate about understanding society and contributing to social change can use an online MA in Sociology to explore social dynamics deeply.
  • This program allows them to pursue their intellectual interests and apply their learning to real-world issues, driving meaningful change.

Why choose an online MA in sociology?

  • Online MA in Sociology enables students to learn with flexibility as it allows students to learn at their own pace.
  • This flexibility proves to be beneficial for those who cannot make fixed schedules for classroom sessions due to work, among other engagements.
  • It enables students to download notes, engage in classes, submit their work, and do all other work according to their time convenience enabling the students to balance their education with their daily lives.
  • Students can enrol in top programs from anywhere regardless of their location, providing access to quality education for even those who live in remote areas or in areas where offers of sophisticated sociology courses are rare
  • Online programs can be more economical compared to their on-campus counterparts.
  • Savings can come from reduced tuition fees, and students also save on additional expenses such as commuting, housing, and meal plans.
  • This cost-effectiveness makes higher education more accessible to a broader range of students. Such an approach increases the availability of learning to more students.
  • Students from various backgrounds, cultures, and locations come together for  Online programs.
  • This diversity enhances the delivery of content through the incorporation of multiple inputs to a single idea through a group of people.
  • The online modality facilitates students’ interaction with technology as well as exposes them to the realistic use of technology in collaborative studies.
  • Mastery of digital tools enhances employability as well as the efficiency of the workplace.
  • Participating in an online program enhances students’ digital literacy and familiarity with virtual collaboration tools.
  • This recognition validates the degree and ensures that graduates possess the skills and knowledge expected from a rigorous academic program.

Top Universities For Online MA In Sociology

Name Of The University Fee In INR
Manipal University 75,000
Lovely Professional University 60,000
Andhra University 52,500
MCM Academy 35,000(Approx.)
Integral University 35500
IGNOU 14,600
Chandigarh University 1,00,000

Key Highlights of Online M.A In Sociology In India

  • The flexibility of an Online MA in Sociology means that the students can refer to the program from anywhere at any convenient time, even if they are living in a rather remote area, without interfering with work or family.
  • Most programs offer courses occurring multiple times a year, which implies that student can study at their own convenient time, thus allowing adequate time to engage in other activities.
  • Some of the subjects taught in the program are sociological theories, research strategies, social measurement, and specialties in social categories, sex, and the family.
  • Many of the programs have options such as taking specific courses or concentrations in fields of urban sociology, rural sociology, criminology, and social policy.
  • There are various accredited universities available in India that provide online MA in Sociology that ensures that the degree is recognized in the employment world and other academic facilities.
  • This helps ensure quality education is delivered to students along with updated knowledge within the area of specialization of sociology
  • Students have access to extensive digital libraries, academic journals, and online resources, facilitating in-depth research and learning.
  • Digital libraries, access to resourceful journals, and online scholarly materials are available to support extensive learning among students.
  • The emphasis is made on the formation of critical, research, analytical, and communication outcomes, which are considered practical and necessary in many professional fields.
  • Some programs include opportunities for fieldwork, internships, or research projects, allowing students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings.
  • Some universities offer practical work experience through fieldwork, internships, or research projects for the students.
  • The knowledge of virtual teamwork and project management enhances student’s readiness to engage in the contemporary settings of digital and remote collaboration.


Syllabus For Online MA In Sociology



·         Sociological Theories

·         Sociology of Kinship

·         Economic Sociology

·         Sociology of India


·         Sociological Theories: Some Conceptual Issues

·         Religion and Society

·         Political Sociology

·         Sociology of India-II



·         Methods of Sociological Research

·         Sociology of Development

·         Sociology of Symbolism

·         Gender and Society

·         Sociology of Media

·         Population and Society


Eligibility And Duration for MA In Sociology

  • Some universities make it necessary that applicants have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology or a related field such as Social Work, Anthropology, Political Science, History, or Economics from a recognized university.
  • Most universities require a minimum percentage or CGPA requirement for admission in MA English which usually ranges from 50% to 55% in the qualifying degree and 40 % to 50 % for the reserved category.
  • Documents
    certain documents will be required for the application, such as ;
    1. Aadhar card
    2. Marksheet of 10th and 11th class
    3. Migration certificate
    4. Reservation certificate (if applicable)
    5. Signature
    6. Passport size photo
  • Duration
    • It is a 2-year program, but some universities allow four years for competition.
    • Students have the flexibility to accelerate their studies or extend their program duration based on their personal circumstances and academic progress.

Skills Required For Online MA In Sociology

  • Research analysis is one of the processes that includes collecting data and evaluating the results with the aid of qualitative research methods.
  • Mastery in using methods like surveys, interviews, and statistical analysis is essential. Understanding of data for the sensible conclusion and the enhancement of sociological knowledge is preferred.
  • Critical analysis is an important skill that includes analyzing different theories, comparing various points of view, and evaluating the use of those theories in sociology. Developing arguments based on evidence and recognizing biases in existing research enhances sociological inquiry and understanding.
  • For Academic writing, students need to write with clarity, coherence, and precision. The course includes crafting essays and research papers in which the idea has to be argued while adhering to academic standards. Originality and the lack of plagiarism are essential.
  • Skill in core computer software (Ms. Office) is vital when it comes to writing and formatting documents and processing information. A general understanding of the technological, teaching, and social environment means that the user can engage in the online classrooms actively, submit assignments, and communicate with the instructors and fellow students with more efficiency.
  • Effectively using online databases and academic journals guarantees that the required essentials in the academic process are attainable and of the highest quality. It involves determining reliable literature sources, reviewing the body of literature, and correctly citing the sources.
  • Students should know how to manage their education together with other activities. This, in turn, entails the formulation of priorities, the establishment of time frames as well as the achievement of stipulated timelines. It can go a long way in helping students with stress management as well as with progression in their studies.
  • Group projects and discussions encourage interactions, collaboration, and the development of professional relationships. Effective collaboration can improve the quality of academic achievement and reduce stress in an online environment.
  • The other essential consideration for the students to influence the benefits of an online MA in sociology is cultural sensitivity. Students should consider various social contexts. This is because appreciating different opinions helps to enrich student’s learning process.
  • Students should be willing to make use of new technology and learning media for effective learning through an online program. The Flexibility in adjusting to various demands helps with learning and adapting to many issues.

Admission Process For Online MA In Sociology

  • The application form is available on the official website of the university.
  • Applicants need to provide personal details and ensure the form is filled out accurately to avoid any disqualification or delays.
  • Shortlisted candidates may be called for an interview or group discussion.
  • An application fee is typically required during the submission of the application form. Payment can usually be made online using a credit/debit card, net banking, or other digital payment methods.
  • Selected candidates receive an admission offer through email.
  • Candidates must confirm their acceptance by paying a deposit or the first instalment of the tuition fees within the specified deadline to confirm their admission.
  • To get the most out of the program, students should start attending online classes as per the academic calendar and engage actively in coursework, assignments, and discussions.

Key Points to Remember

  • Adhere to application deadlines and submission dates for all documents and fees to avoid any delays or issues with your admission.
  • Maintain regular communication with the university’s admission office for updates and clarifications.
  • Ensure you have the necessary technology, such as a reliable internet connection and a computer, to participate in the online program effectively.

Recommended Books For MA In Sociology

Name of the book Authors name
Sociological Theory George Ritzer
The Sociological Imagination C. Wright Mills
The Division of Labor in Society Émile Durkheim
Capital: A Critique of Political Economy Karl Marx
Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste Pierre Bourdieu
The Structure of Social Action Talcott Parsons
Social Research Methods Alan Bryman
The Practice of Social Research Earl Babbie
The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life Erving Goffman


An online MA in Sociology helps Students with gaining knowledge whether it is academically or in terms of skills. It also helps students develop the interpersonal competencies necessary to understand various social theories, research methods, and current social issues in society. Communication skills, teamwork, and cultural understanding improve the learning process as they create a friendly environment where people openly share and develop their ideas. Skills like field practice enable the students to a professional sociological practice so that they are ready to research responsibly and effectively. This skill development helps students to solve various social problems and play their role in society with efficiency. In conclusion online MA in Sociology contributes to a highly academic and fruitful education that will equip students for the job market in teaching, research, and social work.


1. Is the online MA in sociology equivalent to an on-campus degree?

Yes, an online MA in Sociology from a recognized university is equivalent to an on-campus degree. Even though the mode of delivery is different the curriculum and requirements are almost similar.

Students need to have a reliable internet connection, a computer with updated software, and access to online learning platforms. Some universities might require you to have a webcam and microphone for virtual meetings.

Graduates have various options like careers in academia, research, public policy, social services, community organizations, and various roles within government and private sectors. Some may also choose to continue their studies at the doctoral level.

Online students usually have access to academic advising, library resources, technical support, career services, and sometimes virtual tutoring and writing centres.

Some of the best-paying job opportunities after MCA are software developers, data scientists, IT architects, cloud architects, cybersecurity specialists, IT project managers, machine learning engineers, and artificial intelligence specialists.

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