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Online Amity University of India is the country’s leading private university with campuses in almost all leading cities. It is a private research university in India, the first non-governmental university to receive UGC recognition. Its network of Indian and overseas campuses makes Amity one of the most comprehensive universities in the country today. The University stands out for various undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in fields like engineering, management, law, communication, and liberal arts, to mention a few. My University NIRF ranking is 25 and have an NAAC A+ credential with 3.31 out of 4. The university introduced the Amity Online Platform for Online learning programs in different Courses in different specializations which allows students to learn in a flexible and in affordable way.

Vision of Online Amity University

The aim of Amity University is to be a globally competing institution that provides relevant, globally applicable education, research, and training providing the highest quality levels. They seek to give opportunity to the community and to produce leaders who will be households of knowledge, working experience, and values.

Mission of Online Amity University

Online Amity University has several core missions that guide its activities and aspirations:

  • Academic Excellence:

To present education as a place where learning, innovation, and creativity take place. They endeavor to provide programs that pass the test of international standards, to improve the quality of performance of the whole person.

  • Research and Innovation:

On one or other hand, it is necessary to develop a civil society whose research approaches would be integrated so that interdisciplinary research could be promoted. Amity is committed to the attainment of new insights through the production of top-notch research and inquiries.

  • Global Engagement:

Global collaboration and internationalization to further foster. The primary mission of Online Amity University is to create a platform for students and staff to collaborate and connect with other schools and universities from different countries.

  • Ethical Values:

To gain not only moral principles and an understanding of social accountability by the population. Amity believes in integrity as a foundation, empathy when dealing with people and compassion as a superior tool.

  • Social Impact:

Social outreach is the key to our society’s engagement and activities through which we strive to achieve. Today, we can say that Amity has become a true driving force for changes in the world, and it started to produce remarkable results in essential spheres such as education, healthcare, and sustainability.

Is Online Course valid?

  • Amity Online University has been monitored, and regulated, and all the standards are maintained by a government body named “University Grants Commission (UGC)” under the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India.
  • Online Education provided by Amity University is regulated and overseen by a UGC body named the Distance Education Bureau (DEB).
  • The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)” was established in 1994 to access and accredit these “Higher Education Institute (HEIs)” and, mandate quality and standards.

Online Course Benefits

Online Amity University provides the students online with a scope of privileges which are normally available only to the on-campus students. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Flexibility:

Online education, among many things, provides the greatest advantage, which is the convenience it brings. Students have the chance to study in their own time and environment as they can access courses and materials online anywhere they have an internet connection. Therefore, this provides students with the flexibility to study at their own pace at a time that is suitable for their schedules.

  • Accessibility:

Online programs do not leave place-to-location barriers: worldwide students are welcome to take part in education programs without leaving their homes. This means that those who cannot afford the distance or other barriers to visit a physical campus can attend their courses and benefit from the education.

  • Variety of Programs:

Online Amity University provides an array of online courses at the undergraduate level, post-graduate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Students could pick the program they want from a range of options that are closer to their interests and professional plans.

  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum:

Industry practitioners’ knowledge is embedded into the curriculum that Amity uses in its online programs which means that the students’ skills and knowledge become relevant to the industry.

  • Expert Faculty:

Students have access to researchers who are honored in their specializations and can learn and understand from their lectures, experiments, and projects. The teachers are mostly former professionals or current ones on the one hand, and they contribute through their real-world experience and current things in the industry on the other hand.

  • Interactive Learning:

The majority of the e-learning programs at Online Amity University do not escape the use of interactive learning platforms that have video lectures, multimedia materials, discussion forums, classrooms in the virtual world, and so on. The reason behind this is that it provides a cohesive learning environment that is both animated and interactive.

  • Networking Opportunities:

This demographic of students can collaborate with other learners from different ethnicities, geographic areas, and countries through the Internet and online class forums. It is the case in which useful will emerge in the networking ecosystem and the exchange of experience.

  • Cost-Effectiveness:

1. Online students enjoy no time spent on transportation and lodging because they don’t have to commute to campus or relocate to another city where the university is located. Those related expenses are also reduced.

2. Online programs would be tailored following the parameters of professors’ schedules and hence can cater to the needs of working professionals. The educational trend toward modality whereby one can be taking further education and still doing the normal day duties a trend that opens doors to education without taking a break from one’s career.

  • Support Services:

As a rule, Amity University offers a wide range of student support services available for online students, such as academic advisement, technical support, library access, and career guidance services.

  • Accreditation:

Amity online courses students are provided with qualifications recognized by the accredited institutions, hence on and off-campus courses are equivalent.

Benefits of Online Amity University

  • UGC entitled degree
  • E-Resources
  • Affordable fees
  • Recorded Videos
  • Placement Assistance
  • Live Session with Industry Expert
  • University top Faculty
  • Internationally recognized Programs
  • Modern Learning Management System
  • Learner Support
  • Digital process
  • Quality Courses
  • Affordable cost
  • Time flexibility

Online Course vs Regular Course

Sl. No.

Online Course

Regular Course


 Easy Admission in top Universities

 Limited Seats Availability


 Live lectures as well as Recorded

Only classroom lectures


 Flexible Learning

No Flexibility


 Global Acceptance

Global Acceptance 


Can pursue along with Job

Cannot pursue along with Job


Online Exposure with Industry Expert

Limited Scope

Online Course Eligibility Criteria?

  • Students must have a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent from any UGC-recognized University to enroll in the Online Amity University Master’s degree.
  • Students must have an Intermediate degree or an equivalent from any UGC-recognized University to enroll in Amity University’s Bachelor’s degree.
  • Students other than above mentioned can also be eligible.
  • Students in the final year of the course are also eligible.

Course Offered In Online Amity University

Online Courses offered by Uttaranchal University are:



Eligibility Criteria


(Duration: 2 years)

·    International Finance

·    Digital Entrepreneurship

·    Business Analytics

·    Data Science

·    HR Analytics

·    Digital Marketing Management

Bachelor’s degree from UGC recognized University with 50% aggregate (45% for reserved)


(Duration: 2 years)

·    Block Chain

·    ML & AI

·    Machine Learning

·    AR & VR

Bachelor’s degree from UGC recognized University with 50% aggregate (45% for reserved)


(Duration: 2 years)

·    Fintech

Bachelor’s degree from UGC recognized University with 50% aggregate (45% for reserved)


(Duration: 2 years)

·    Journalism and Mass Communication

Bachelor’s degree from UGC recognized University with 50% aggregate (45% for reserved)


(Duration: 3 years)

·    General

10+2 degree from UGC recognized University with 50% aggregate (45% for reserved)


(Duration: 3 years)

·    Data Analytics

·    Cloud and Security

10+2 degree from UGC recognized University with 50% aggregate (45% for reserved)


(Duration: 3 years)

·    International Finance & Accounting

10+2 degree from UGC recognized University with 50% aggregate (45% for reserved)


(Duration: 3 years)

·    Sociology

·    Political Science

·    English

·    Economics

10+2 degree from UGC recognized University with 50% aggregate (45% for reserved)


The Online Amity University course curriculum is designed by researching and analyzing different credentials and data to meet modern-day student requirements. Industry experts and online Amity University professors guide in making a curriculum that helps in the future career development of the students.

Admission Process in Online Amity University

  • The applicant does not need to be present at Amity University.
  • The application can be done through the digital platform “”.
  • Applicants have to visit a digital platform with the following digital documents:

✔ Recent Passport Size Photo

✔ Scanned Signature

✔ Aadhar Card

✔ 10th Marksheet

✔ 12th or Equivalent Marksheet

✔ University/Institute Transfer Certificate

✔ Migration Certificate

✔ Graduation Marksheet (If required)

✔ Caste Certificate(If required)

✔ Income Certificate(If required)

✔ Any other degree Certificate(If you have one)

  • The Portal provided with Amity University Account Number with a payment gateway that offers paying with Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, RTGS/NEFT, and UPI.


1. Visit “”.

2. Click on Apply Now.

3. Register with personal details.

4. Login and fill application form using USER ID and PASSWORD.

5. Submit and pay the Program Fee.

6. Upload all the required documents and Final Submit.


Amity University system as a whole is a large private university system in India, with campuses across the different states of the country. The University is a leader among non-profit organizations in the community. Here is some general information about the faculty at Amity University:

  • Qualified Academics:

✔ Amity University holds its trained, highly qualified faculty as the university’s pride. It is to be highlighted that the present teaching staff Ph.D. holders, most of these being in their areas of expertise, with a keen research and scholarly approach.

  • Industry Experience:

✔ Moreover, a large share of faculty has not just an academic background but numerous years of practice in the same area. This combination of theory and work-based perspective results in the practice being both the form of lectures and the method of education.

  • Diversity:

✔ The personnel of Amity University, all of whom are from diverse backgrounds (culturally and academically), provide prospective students with a plethora of choices. This diversity gives rise to a conducive learning environment and brings in throughout the lecture a variety of views by presenting different dimensions of the situation.

  • Teaching Approach:

✔ Practical Learning: Most faculties effectively design the teaching system; thus, the students are given practical learning activities. This could be using the form of employer engagement, industrial projects, employee internships, or work assignments.

✔ Research Orientation: Scholars usually ask the students to participate in investigations. The students can solve scientific problems or explore new scientific discoveries. It might get me to engage in associated research activities with instructors and also independent research.

✔ Interdisciplinary Approach: The worldview of the faculty, which is provided with a suitable diverse background, lets learning across the disciplines to happen easily. Students can try looking through subjects across different fields without just being limited to their major.

  • Professional Development:

✔ Seminars and Workshops: The University holds seminars, workshops, or guest lectures frequently with the participation of celebrated business gurus. Consequently, students of this class get familiar with the trending things of their course while using the most effective methods.

✔ Conferences: On top of that, faculty members more often than not take part in national and international conferences, providing papers and getting in touch with colleagues who are professionals from their fields. This is exhibited in their responsive and innovative teaching practice.

✔ Continuous Learning: Faculty members are also required to further their studies, participate in attendance of faculty development programs, and embark on research to keep on growing their knowledge and skills in the teaching realm.

  • Student-Faculty Interaction:

✔ Accessibility: Faculty sometimes leaves 15 minutes after the class for students to offer extra help to those who miss the lesson in class. They could be available by appointment with some set office hours, where students could call for guidance, share academic concerns, and explore research ideas with them.

✔ Mentorship: A large number of professors offer their students the role of a counsellor in both academics and career or personal growth scenarios.

✔ Student Projects: The faculty members usually assist students in their hands-on projects where they need to apply the concepts they have learned to present and solve practical issues.


Concerning placements, Amity University provides a domestic cell dedicated to the mission of helping students to help generate employment opportunities for them. Here are some key points about placements at Amity University:

  • Placement Cell:

Amity has a very advanced Training and Placement Cell (TPC) that works on those associated with the campus recruitment process. This lab functions as a shrewd advisor, helping students to effectively organize their companies.

  • Corporate Tie-ups:

University has company collaborations in different industries is the fact that university has many. It implies that they enable the recruiters to visit the campus to conduct the selection process directly.

  • Training Programs:

Work shadowing or short-term internships are often the Amity pre-placement training programs which are designed to provide skills in demand for the industry. Such programs convened include mentorship classes, workshops, collaborative laboratories, group discussions, and so much more.

  • Recruitment Drives:

Hundreds of leading companies, big names, and new start-ups alike visit Amity University throughout the year by organizing recruitment drives. Financial, consulting, engineering and so on organizations seize the place to get students.

  • Placement Statistics:

The university usually publishes figures of far sought-after jobs that indicate the number of students given job offers, the average pay packages, top recruiters, and others.

  • Alumni Network:

Amity’s recruitment network is also very wide it encompasses its Alumni which also makes a big difference in placements. Alumni frequently revisit the campus for hiring practices or touch bases with the related jobs that are available in their organizations.

  • Internship Opportunities:

Besides internships, Amity gives priority to organizing joint visits for students during their semesters. These internships are the door that unlocks students’ profession; they gain experience and are frequently offered a job afterward.


Along with the brick and mortar campus, Amity University runs various distance learning programs to cater to the needs of the students who live in different jet streams across the globe. Online courses were designed with the devotion to excellence deserving the on-campus programs, and it enables students to balance other obligations and still pursue education. The online platform of Amity helps it attract a broad spectrum of learners, such as professionals, expatriates and students who are unable to commute. Further, it caters to those who are not able to attend the classroom lectures. To conclude, Amity University is a concern entity that provides quality training, advances research and innovation, promotes globalization and professionalism, and endows its students with sound morals. The university strives to achieve this by means of its on-campus programs or online offerings of educational services, in which it sees excellence as its greatest goal.

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