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The Pink City is known for its uniqueness and culture with a variety of views that please the eye, but the city is also advancing in the technical field. MCA Internship Companies in Jaipur are more than 200 IT-related companies in this place that offer different internship opportunities for students pursuing an MBA to learn and gain experience to land their dream job, and it is increasing day by day. During internship students learn about various job roles, software, malware and many more. Variety of industry and roles in different companies with different working position.

Companies in Jaipur that Provide MCA Internship

There are more than 200 Companies in the capital of Rajasthan offering Internships during MCA courses via different programs. Here is the list of some top companies offering these intern roles:

• Teleperformance

IT-based France company founded in 1978 and has 10,000+ employees. It has a branch in Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur.

•  Infosys

Indian-originated company founded in 2002 and has 10,000+ employees. Its branch is in Mahindra World City, Jaipur.

•  Tata Consultancy Services

Commonly known as TCS comes under Tata Group founded in 1968. One of the Workplace locations is in Jln Marg, Malviyanagar, Jaipur.

•  Wipro

Indian-originated company founded in 1945 has more than 10,000 employees. It has a workplace in Janpath, Jaipur.

•  IBM

American multinational company established in 1911. It has one of its branches in Rajendra Marg, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur.

• A3Logics

Indian Software development company having 20+ years of experience. It has a branch in Sitapur, Jaipur.

•  Accenture

Irish-American company established in 1989 has more than 10,000 employees. It has a branch in Sector B-4, Near the Airport, Jaipur.

•  Bharti Airtel

Well-known Indian Telecommunication company having more than 403 million customers across the world. It has a branch office in Malviya Marg, Jaipur.

• Microsoft

American company founded in 1975 having 10+ Billion Dollar Revenue. Its location is in SC Road, Jaipur.

•  Jio

Indian company owned by one of the top Indian billionaires having 5000+ employees founded in 2010 having a branch in Vishwakarma Industrial Area in Jaipur.

 Larsen and Toubro

Indian Originated Company was founded in 1938 and has 10,000+ employees. The company has a branch in Jaipur in location Amrapali Marg, Vaishali Nagar.

• Genpact

US company founded in 1984 and has 10+ Billion Dollar Revenue. It has office in two place in Jaipur. Its location is in Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Malviya Nagar, while others are in Sitapura Industrial Area.

Intern Skills in MCA

✓  Basic Subject Knowledge: Basic MCA course knowledge helps students visualize all the work practically and provides a better understanding of the work. Knowing coding languages such as Java, HTML, CSS, Python, etc.

 Communication: Verbal transmission way needs to convey information to Good and clear communication can help to convey information to others properly, and it helps to boost confidence in a person at the workplace.

 Problem-Solving: This skill helps to be reliable and solve issues which reduces conflict at the workplace. Also helps in approaching different types of issues and developing solutions during the Internship. Students may have to face different technical problems, troubleshooting, network problems, and network security problems

✓ Research: Students have to go with company and technology-related topics, publications, articles, software, and hardware research to find solutions and learn. Knowing research helps students to find appropriate information.

 Time Management: During the internship, students may have to face and manage time according to company projects and deadlines. Time management helps students to manage their time accordingly and enhances learning.

 Organization: Having organizational skills helps students to work in a team at the workplace. Communicate with different types of people and learn experience during the Internship.

 Report Writing: Report writing is a basic need in an Internship. After the internship students have to deliver a specific project report to the company or institute or both

How to Enrol for Internship

Interns need to work hard and learn with different tools and technology during Internships. Always have the opportunity to work on different projects and gain experience. It is important to take advantage and make it in further opportunities in your career. With different experience and knowledge, they also get better relations with employees, which may help in life after completion of the MCA course. They need to upgrade their knowledge day-by-day about modern technology and improvements in the Technical field.

To enroll for an internship during the MCA course, students must have basic subject knowledge. They have to fill internship form or they have to request for Internship in the company by online mail. After acceptance of mail or form, they receive an offer letter for joining or a request to attend an interview. During the interview, basic knowledge is tested and an offer letter is allotted to different departments. In the offer letter salary, rules, and regulations of the company are mentioned.


1. Fill Internship form/e-Mail Internship request

2.Attend Interview

3.Receive Offer letter

MCA Intern Salary

MCA Interns’ salary depends upon their level of education, skills, years of experience, and subject knowledge. They may receive different benefits during Internship such as traveling allowance, health Insurance, lodging, food, and many more. The average monthly Internship salary in Jaipur companies is around INR 1.2 Lakh.

Intern Job Duties

✓  Analyze different data and visualize errors to recommend improvements to systems or processes.

✓  Setting up different computer networks, computer software applications, and computer malware.

✓  Provide technical support to IT employees in their work.

✓ Install Operating systems and computer different software applications

✓ Operate software and different applications

✓ Coordinate with the different departments at the workplace.

✓ Collect, Analyse, and store data.

✓ Report making of the whole internship.

 Computer system management and maintenance

✓ Solve troubleshoot problems with different software and hardware


Intern Job Opportunity

There are different job roles at different positions in a company. Here are common job roles for Intern:

1. Technical Assistant: Assist professionals in the workplace to contribute to completing projects and meeting deadlines. Contribute to solving troubleshooting issues, and technical problems, update and install software and applications.

2. Researcher: Provide different views and approaches in problem-solving and resolving systems and code errors.

3. Basic Coder: Help in developing basic code in website building which makes professional employee work easy and gain experience.

4. Developer: Helps in Application and Web developing by assisting the working professionals.

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So, an Internship in MCA is technical training for a specific period by an organization which allows students to gain work experience and, learn about different tools and technology in a specified domain, while an Intern is a trainee who performs the Internship. It may be paid or unpaid depending upon the organization and its requirements. The intern may receive a full-time offer from an organization in which he is allowed to work.

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