MCA Internship Companies in Bangalore

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Bangalore, the capital city of the state of Karnataka, is located on the Indian Deccan Plateau, which allows for a pleasant climate all over the year. The city is known as an Indian IT hub. Most of the Top IT Companies in the world are available here and offer opportunities for different Intern roles, which allows MCA learning students to become part of it and enroll to fulfill their experience needs to complete their future life goals. The city has more than 200 Companies that offer opportunities for internships for MCA-pursuing students. During the internship, students learn about different IT job roles and software in various companies. They are allowed to work with different IT working professionals, which helps them in skill and knowledge development.

Intern Skills Requirement For MCA in Bangalore

1. Basic Subject Knowledge: Having better subject knowledge develops a practical view and approach, which enables technical skill and knowledge development and providing more clearance about different topics and uses. development and provide more clearance about different topics and uses.

2. Communication: Having good Communication provide verbal clear medium to express different topics, issues, and concepts which minimize the misunderstanding, conflict, allow to work in a team and provide good understanding about subject and topics.
3. Problem-Solving: Developing problem solving skills allow to work more flexible at workplace, identify the issues, approach towards problems and helps to handle unexpected situation. It also helps to solve and positively approach towards technical errors.
4. Research: Researching is an Ability to analyze and gather different data and information to perform or plan to solve some specific issues or enhancing knowledge. Having researching ability helps student to learn about different data, tools and technology.
5. Time Management: It is an ability to use your time in a positive manner towards goal to achieve success. It helps in sincerity and work development which gives positive impact about discipline.
6. Report Writing: A brief detailed document on the task is required to be submitted after completion of the task to the institute or company. In this, everything is mentioned in detail about the work and process included during the task.

7. Organization: Working ability that allows one to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively in an organization. It includes teamwork on a specific task to achieve specific

How to Enroll for an Internship

Internship are opportunity offered by an Organization to learn and experience which allows students to enhance their knowledge and skills with real life situation in practical view. It may be paid or unpaid. Enrolment process vary with varying the organization. During Internship program, Intern need to work hard with different tools and technology, which allows them to understand the areas needed to be improve and helps them to improve. Internship enables opportunity to work on different projects along with experienced working professionals.

Some organization hire employees or offers full-time job during Internship that’s why it is important to take advantage and make it in further future opportunity to enhance in career growth. With different learning experience and knowledge during internship program they also get better relation with company employees which may further help after completion of MCA course. To enrol for internship during MCA course, they have to fill internship form or they have to request for Internship in company through online mail. After acceptance of mail or form they let you know by response by email or post, and they send offer letter for joining or requested for attending one-on-one interview. During interview, basic subject knowledge of MCA course is tested and offer letter is allotted according to interview result. In offer letter salary, rules and regulation is mentioned of the company.


   1. Fill Internship form or e-Mail Internship request

   2. Wait for response

   3. Attend Interview

   4. Receive Offer letter

   5. Join Internship


Mca Internship Companies In Bangalore

Intern Requirements

Interns are generally students or graduates who want to enhance learning knowledge and gain working experience by using knowledge in practical way of working to develop their technical skills. Company hire interns to support working employees in completion of work or assistant to working professionals in their project to complete deadlines. It allows company to have support in performing the common task and helps to resolve general issues. It is a new task for these students which allows them to learn about organizational culture and gain technical experiences. At the end of their work students get reorganized by company certificate and may get stipend benefits.

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Companies in Bangalore that Provide Internship

There are more than 200 IT Companies in the city of Bangalore that offer Internships during MCA courses via different programs at different levels. Here is the list of some top IT companies offering intern roles:


Indian-originated company founded in 2002 by N. R. Narayan Murthy having headquarters in Electronic City, Bangalore.

Tata Consultancy Services

Commonly known as TCS comes under Tata Group founded in 1968 having various workplace in Bangalore.


Indian-originated company founded in 1945 has a workplace in Sarjapur, Bangalore.


American multinational company established in 1911 having branch in Airport road, Bangalore


Irish-American company established in 1989 by Arthur Andersen having branch in Audugodi, Bangalore.

Bharti Airtel

Well-known Indian Telecommunication company with more than 403 million customers across the world having one of its branches in Banashankari, Bangalore


American company founded in 1975 having Bangalore branch in the location of Domlur, Bangalore


Indian company owned by one of the top Indian billionaires with 5000+ employees founded in 2010 having a branch in Balladur, Bangalore


US company founded in 1984 having 10+ Billion Dollar Revenue having branch in four place in Bangalore.

HP Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company is an American multinational company founded in 1939 having five branch in Bangalore


Sony is a private Japanese company established in 1946 having one of the branches in Sampangiramnagar, Bangalore


Cisco Systems Incorporation is an American multinational company founded in 1984 having branch in M. G. Road, Bangalore.


Samsung is Korean company founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul having branch in Wilson Garden, Bangalore


Samsung is a Korean company founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul having a branch in Wilson Garden, Bangalore

Intern Job Role

There are different job roles at different positions in a company. Here are common job roles for Intern:

1. Data Analyst: A person who collects and analyses different data and information from various sources and converts them into presenting information which is further used to improve the

2. Software Engineer: Computer sector engineers who develop and design various applications which perform specific tasks to complete need of a purpose

3. Data Science Engineer: Field in which engineer uses statistics, scientific computing, scientific methods, process, algorithms, systems and data to extract specific information.

4. Technical Assistant: Intern has to provide technical support to working professionals to perform the given task. It helps in enhance learning, analyzing and task performing experience

5. Product Manager: Intern professional who analyzes and makes strategy for product enhancement and development which specify the product market growth via online mode and helps in product marketing through

6. HR Intern: Interns responsible for performing administrative task and managing Human Resource activities which includes job posting, interview scheduling, update employee records and

7. Consultant: In this job role, Intern provides business consultation about process and operations, which help company to improve, perform and review their effectiveness in

8. Web Developer: In this profile Intern develop, design, create and maintain web pages and websites which includes secure web page, provide support, code and



Internship is a learning period offered by different organization which allows to work practically, use and utilize the knowledge in real life application for a specific period of time. It helps to make new relationship with working professionals and helps about organizational work structure.

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