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Online Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) is an institution of higher education that offers online co-education facilities for students. It allows working professionals, students with responsibility, and remote students who wish to pursue their higher studies in Gangtok Sikkim. This was established in 1995 and it is supported by the University Grants Commission (UGC) having an NIRF ranking between 101 to 150, and an NIRF rating is 3.28 out of 4 with an A+ grade. The University is run by the Sikkim Government under a public-private partnership with Manipal Education and Medical Group. The university provides several online courses with its online platform.

Vision of Online Sikkim Manipal University

Sikkim Manipal University’s mission is to become the global top performer on the education platform in terms of academic excellence, creativity, and healthy sustainability. The university strives to serve students coming from various backgrounds with the idea in mind that education ought to be readily available, fairly priced, and the quality of, unquestionably, high.

Mission of Online Sikkim Manipal University

The mission of Sikkim Manipal University is multi-faceted and includes several key objectives:

  • Quality Education: Educational programs delivered through a wide range of tools including teacher-prepared, contemporary curriculum, and experienced staff.
  • Research and Innovation: Research and innovation are some of the educational institutions’ top priorities because they help in the development of fundamental knowledge as well as in the quest for solutions to societal problems.
  • Industry Collaboration: The students should be able to form collaborations with the industry, hence the curriculum should be relevant to the current market needs and there should be chances for the students to be given internships or placements.
  • Social Responsibility: For social purpose to be appreciably ingrained in the students it is better to make these students be socially attuned and be able to make positive contributions to their society.
  • Global Perspective: To enrich a global view using international collaborations and exchange programs, as well as the cultural flora and fauna of the world.
  • Personal Growth: The development of students educationally, emotionally, and physically, has to be a goal to achieve this the overall realizations of students.

Is Online Course valid form Manipal University?

  • Online Sikkim Manipal University has been monitored, and regulated, and all the standards maintained by a government body named “University Grants Commission (UGC)” under the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India.
  • Online Education provided by Sikkim Manipal University is regulated and overseen by a UGC body named Distance Education Bureau (DEB).
  • “The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)” was established in 1994 which access and accredit these “Higher Education Institute (HEIs)” and, mandates quality and standards of Sikkim Manipal University.

Benefits of Sikkim Manipal University

  • The online course of Sikkim Manipal University is such like a regular course in digital mode.
  • The best professor of Manipal University is assigned to teach each subject during the course.
  • UGC-recognized and AICTE approved Universities provide Course degrees on completion of the online course.
  • The degree is accepted all over the world.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Time flexibility.
  • Students get recorded lectures for further revision.
  • Easy Financing.
  • Global Classroom.
  • Placement Assistance.
  • Easy admission process.
  • Convenient Class Schedule.
  • In-person campus immersion.
  • Prestigious Manipal Alumni status.
  • Online Classes with University’s top faculty.
  • University Entrepreneurship Cell which provides support to start-ups.
  • Placement Opportunity.
  • Enrich Industry Connection

Online Course vs Regular Course

Sl. No.

Online Course

Regular Course


 Easy Admission in top Universities

 Limited Seats Availability


 Live lectures as well as Recorded

Only classroom lectures


 Flexible Learning

No Flexibility


 Global Acceptance

Global Acceptance 


Can pursue along with Job

Cannot pursue along with Job


Online Exposure with Industry Expert

Limited Scope

Online Course Eligibility Criteria?

  • Students must have a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent from any UGC-recognized University to enroll in the Sikkim Manipal Master’s degree course.
  • Students must have an Intermediate degree or an equivalent from any UGC-recognized University to enroll in the Sikkim Manipal Bachelor degree course.
  • Students other than above mentioned can also be eligible.
  • Students in final year of the course is also eligible.

Course Offered by Online Sikkim Manipal University

Online Courses offered by Sikkim Manipal University are:



Eligibility Criteria


(Duration: 2 years)

(Fee: 1,75,000 INR)


Bachelor’s degree from UGC recognized University with 50% aggregate (45% for reserved)


(Duration: 3 years

Fee: 99,000 INR)


10+2 degree from UGC recognized University with 50% aggregate (45% for reserved)


(Duration: 2 years)

(Fee: 1,08,000 INR)


Bachelor’s degree from UGC recognized University with 50% aggregate (45% for reserved)


(Duration: 3 years)

(Fee: 1,58,000 INR)


10+2 degree from recognized University with 50% aggregate (45% for reserved)


(Duration: 2 years)

(Fee: 1,40,000 INR)


Political Science


Bachelor’s degree from recognized University with 50% aggregate (45% for reserved)


The online course curriculum is designed by researching and analyzing different credentials and data to meet modern-day student requirements with the help of Industry experts and Sikkim Manipal University professors who guide in making a curriculum that helps in the future career development of the students.

Admission Process in Sikkim Manipal University

  • The applicant does not need to be present at Sikkim Manipal University.
  • The application can be done through the digital platform “”.
  • Applicants have to visit a digital platform with the following digital documents:

✔ Recent Passport Size Photo

✔ Aadhar Card

✔ 10th Marksheet

✔ 12th or Equivalent Marksheet

✔ University/Institute Transfer Certificate

✔ Migration Certificate

✔ Graduation Marksheet (If required)

✔ Caste Certificate(If required)

✔ Income Certificate(If required)

✔ Any other degree Certificate(If you have)

The Portal provides with University Account Number with a payment gateway that offers paying with Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, RTGS/NEFT, and UPI.


1. Choose a specific program.

2. Register on the website.

3. Provide Educational Details.

4. Pay Fees.

5. Upload all the necessary Documents.

6. Submit Application.




  • Qualification:

The faculty staff of SMU most often have educational pursuits or degrees in astronomy, nuclear physics, or biochemistry. These academics and industry people enrich the community by virtue of their teaching and research experiences.

  • Teaching Method:

The SMU Staff would resort to a blending of lectures, seminars, workshops, and recent teaching aids like multimedia presentations and internet materials. They work for the advancement and development of the students through the use of quality education that could reach students who are on-campus and remotely based distance learners.

  • Research and Publication:

Scientists from SMU make up a large portion of the university’s staff as is participate in research activities. They engage in writing journal articles published both at the national and international levels, present papers at meetings of professionals and contribute towards the base knowledge of the wider academic community.

  • Industry Experience:

In industry sectors such as management, information technology, and others, instructors’ expertise would often be drawn from their practical experience working in the industry. It is very helpful for instructors because they can give actual experiences in class and cases of business life, which will help students to better grasp the issues.

  • Guest Lectures and Workshop:

Among the many activities, SMU has guest lectures, workshops, and seminars where professors, industry experts, or researchers visit the university. This connects them with the outside world, with varied sources of information and information that is relevant to the current trends in the working environment.

  • Student Support:

The faculty members of SMU, unlike those of other universities, are noted for their eagerness to assist the students in addition to their clement character. Their representative role mainly manifests when they are during office hours, during which students have an opportunity to seek clarification on matters related to coursework, a guide on the projects, or advice on their career paths.

  • Professional Development:

Faculty mostly do activities of professional development throughout the year. The university is ruling this. This involves including in the program such activities as attended conferences, workshops, and seminars for staying updated in the fields that they are professional in.

  • these faculty members not only teach but also help to shape the role of education in these students, whether they are studying traditional on-campus programs or non-traditional distance education. The list of their differences includes diverse educational backgrounds, the qualifications received as well, and the amount of their engagement which makes a great contribution to the overall academic success of the university. Typically, faculty at Sikkim Manipal University are fully qualified individuals who hold a PhD in a relevant area. They are the key resource in the academic operation of the university being engaged in varied types of work such as teaching, research, and administrative duties.


  • Placement Cell:

Unlike the students of other universities, students of SMU are provided with job placements and internships through the campus Placement Cell. Among all the activities the cell has on its agenda, you will find guest speakers, workshops, seminars, and training sessions that contribute to the student’s ability to find a job in the industry.

Placement Process:

Students can participate in campus recruitment drives which are one of the ways companies from diverse sectors visit the campus to recruit students. These tests normally have written exams group talks and personal interviews to get an attribute of the candidates’ skills and match them with the available job positions.

Top Recruiters:

Some of the leading firms that have engaged in campus placements at SMU are in IT, healthcare, consultancies, financial institutes, engineering, and other industries. Such entities include both transnational corporations (TNCs) and domestic companies. Create your own unique piece of art with our AI-powered artist tool.

Placement Record:

The case of program leagues and departments across the Sikkim Manipal University system, in general, may vary. One program may have a high placement which may be for renowned companies, while the other has lower placements. It is the responsibility of a student to look into the statistics of placements for their area of study or the specific program.

  • Training and Skill Development:

Time and again, SMU endorses the programs, which are supposed to sharpen the applicability of its students. Technical Skills, soft skills, aptitude training, communication skills, and industry-specific training are included in the training.

  • Alumni Network:

The link between a university and its alumni also influences the level of placement. Former students are likely to return to the school that once had molded their character, and they will be involved in the current students’ sessions, sharing experiences, and providing guidance. They could also create internship positions at their business firms (as long as these internships are tied to their organizations).

  • Internship Opportunities:

As placements are just one aspect, SMU also motivates students to take internships during their school terms as well. Students can get involved in this scheme now as it helps them to acquire skills and gives industry exposure to PPOs in some cases from companies.


Online Sikkim Manipal University is a top Indian University that allow students to learn digitally through online courses, which create new career pathways in society development. The aim is to provide career support to working professionals, remote area students, and others who want to seek degrees from top universities in India. These courses provide flexible learning hours with live and recorded lectures at affordable cost to students. The university runs a remarkable variety of streams from the fields of engineering, management, and health sciences to humanities in all.

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