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Online MBA Course in Economics

An online MBA program includes courses covering organizational leadership, finance, and management. Online MBA programs have the fundamentals of economics in core modules, but graduate management

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MBA in Marketing in India

MBA in Marketing in India is a 2-year Post-graduate program equips students with modern day tools and technology in making marketing strategy, manage customer behavior,

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MBA in Finance in India

MBA in Finance in India is a 2-year Post-graduate program for enhanced learning of Finance and Transaction which deals with profit, expenses, capital management, and

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Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration, so-called MBA is a 2-year Post-graduate program focused on deep learning of Business Administration covering various areas of business and its aspects in

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What is Computerized Accounting?

Computerized Accounting is a contemporary approach to accounting, which utilizes technology and computer software to document, store, manage, and process financial transactions and other information.

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