Career Options after MBA: Jobs, Salary and Recruiter 2024

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There are various career options after MBA including finance, marketing, and consulting and information technology students can choose from . Possible career choices include, among others, being a management consultant, financial analyst, marketing manager, or operations manager. Another factor that supports the generation of opportunities lies in the rising startup culture that is also prevalent in India. For instance, organizations operating internationally require MBA holders to work in leadership roles. MBA professionals will be expected to support and be part of this growing economy, especially with the increasing trend towards adopting the use of IT solutions across different markets.

What is an MBA?

An Online MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a graduate-level degree that provides comprehensive training in business and management. It covers aspects such as finance, marketing, operations, strategy and leadership. Program objectives are to strengthen managerial competencies, including critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making, thereby paving the way for students to become managers or executives. MBAs are awarded by business schools across the globe and are praised for their structured framework and emphases on practical experiences where internships and case study assignments are part of the curriculum. They are well prepared to thrive across various sectors, which makes the MBA degree the best qualification to further one’s career and professional development.

Top career options after MBA in India

1. Management Consultant

Management consulting is considered one of the most desirable jobs for MBA holders. Management consultants help companies to analyze and solve difficult issues, facilitate their operations or achieve various business objectives. They offer consultancy in key fields like operation, financial, strategic and structural fields respectively. Respected consulting companies such as McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company, and other consulting organizations prefer recruiting MBA students for their consulting positions. These jobs involve problem-solving, critical thinking, and excelling in collaboration with other employees.

Average SalaryTop Employers
3.8 LPA -13 LPA

·        McKinsey & Company

·        Boston Consulting Group

·        Bain & Company

·        Deloitte Consulting

·        Accenture

2. Corporate Finance Manager

Corporation finance managers are responsible for the performance of financial functions including budgeting, forecasting, and capital in business entities. They scrutinize financial data to provide critical information that contributes to strategic management and organizational financial integrity. The graduates of MBA finance specialization are hired by banks and other financial organizations besides multinational organizations of various sectors.

Average Salary

Top Employers

3 LPA -10 LPA

·        Goldman Sachs

·        Morgan Stanley

·        JP Morgan Chase & Co

·        Barclays

·        Deutsche Bank

3. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers design ways of selling a product or service, study the market, and organize marketing initiatives. They collaborate with sales teams and advertising agencies to ensure the accomplishment of business goals. MBA graduates majoring in marketing are prepared for positions in brand management, digital marketing, and market research. The top recruiters are FMCG companies such as Hindustan Unilever Limited, Procter & Gamble etc and technology companies like Google and Facebook.

Average Salary

Top Employers

2.8 LPA – 12 LPA

·        Tata Consultancy Services

·        Hindustan Unilever Limited

·        Procter & Gamble (P&G)

·        Nestlé India

·        Amazon India

4. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts study and interpret financial data for the purpose of an investment decision and assessment of organizational performance and risk. They are employed across different industries such as banking, investment companies, and corporations. Possible careers can be equity research analyst, portfolio manager and financial advisor among others. Some of the well-known employers for MBA graduates in finance include Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley.

Average Salary

Top Employers

3.2 LPA- 13 LPA

·        Goldman Sachs

·        JP Morgan Chase & Co

·        HDFC Bank

·        ICICI Bank

·        Deloitte

5. Project Manager

Project managers lead and coordinate projects from inception to completion, ensuring that goals are met within scope, budget, and timeline constraints. They engage with cross-functional teams and other stakeholders to achieve positive results. Construction, IT, and consulting are some of the fields where MBA graduates with leadership and project management skills can effectively work in this position.

Average Salary

Top Employers

3.4 LPA – 9 LPA

·        Google India

·        Amazon India

·        Flipkart

·        Paytm

·        Microsoft India

6. Operations Manager

Operations managers are responsible for the coordination of the production and supply chain management function to facilitate efficient organizational functioning. It is oriented towards efficiency and effectiveness. MBA graduates with a focus in operations management are employed in manufacturing, retailing and service entities. Some of the opportunities are available at firms such as Amazon, Tata Motors, and Reliance Industries.

Average Salary

Top Employers

2.9 LPA -10 LPA

·        Tata Consultancy Services

·        Infosys

·        Reliance Industries Limited

·        Hindustan Unilever Limited

·        Amazon India

7. Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers oversee recruitment, employee relations, training, and development within organizations. It is very important for any organization as they help in defining the organizational culture and regulating employment laws. There are many opportunities in the job market for MBA graduates with HR management specialization across industries such as healthcare, IT, and manufacturing industries.

Average Salary

Top Employers

2.9 LPA – 11 LPA

·        Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

·        Infosys

·        Reliance Industries Limited

·        Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL)

·        Wipro

8. Healthcare Administrator

Healthcare administrators are responsible for the management of healthcare institutions which include hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. They manage the facilities, finances, and legal requirements to deliver high-quality patient care. The future prospects of MBA graduates specializing in healthcare management are bright in India with the continuous expansion of the healthcare industry.

Average SalaryTop Employers
3.3 LPA -6.8 LPA

·        Tech Mahindra

·        HDFC

·        Novartis

·        KPMG

·        Microsoft

9. Business Development Manager

Business development managers are involved in sourcing potential business opportunities, fostering client relationships, and closing deals. They also have the responsibility of increasing its market share and thus its revenue sources. IT, finance and consulting businesses should consider MBA graduates with networking skills and strategic minds for business development roles.

Average Salary

Top Employers

2.8 LPA -8 LPA

·        Ola

·        McKinsey & Company

·        ICICI Bank

·        Nestlé

·        Reliance Jio

10. IT Manager

IT managers are responsible for the design, deployment and support of IT infrastructure and resources in organizations. They make sure that technology initiatives align with business goals as well as enable innovation. An MBA major in Information systems or technology management can work in IT firms, consulting firms, and other fields. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys, and Accenture are some of the companies that offer employment opportunities in this sector.

Average Salary

Top Employers

3.2 LPA -6.9 LPA

·        Tata Consultancy Services

·        Infosys

·        Wipro

·        Accenture

·        Cognizant

Salary Offered to MBA graduates in different sectors


Job Roles


Finance and Banking :


Financial Analyst

Investment Banker

Risk Manager

Corporate Finance


2.9 –12 LPA

Consulting :


Management Consultant

Strategy Consultant

Business Analyst

2.9- 10 LPA

Marketing and Advertising :


Marketing Manager

Brand Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Market Research

3 -7 LPA

Technology :


IT Manager

Product Manager

Business Development Manager

2.8 – 6 LPA

Healthcare :


Hospital Administrator

Healthcare Consultant

Product Manager

2.6- 7 LPA

Retail :


Retail Manager

Supply Chain Manager

Operations Manager

2.3 -6 LPA

Manufacturing :


Operations Manager

Supply Chain Manager

Production Manager

3.2 -7 LPA

Real Estate :


Real Estate Analyst

Property Manager

Investment Manager

2.8 -6 LPA

Human Resources :


HR Manager

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Learning and Development Manager

2.9 –11 LPA

Entrepreneurship :


Starting and managing their own ventures across sectors.

3.9 – 13 LPA

Courses you can pursue after MBA in India

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

PGDM programs are similar to MBA but are more focused and cater to specialized management education. Many institutes like the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), Indian School of Business (ISB) and other leading management institutes across India provide PGDM degrees in different fields like finance, marketing, operation human resources, etc.

Executive MBA (EMBA)

Executive MBA is specifically aimed at those candidates who would like to develop their managerial capabilities while still in work. EMBA programs are mostly flexible and cover leadership, strategic management and global business environment. They are offered by institutes such as IIMs, ISB and other international university having campus in India.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

CFP certification will suit MBA graduates who have a passion for financial planning and wealth management. They include investment planning, retirement planning, insurance planning, and taxation planning. The certification is accredited worldwide, and it goes a long way in boosting your reputation as a financial expert.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

CFA program is suitable for MBA graduates who would want to establish their careers in the investment management and financial analysis fields. It covers equity and fixed income securities, portfolio concept and choice, and ethical issues in finance. CFA charter holders are well recognized globally in the finance industry.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Holding PMP certification is desirable for MBA graduates with an interest in practising project management. PMBOK outlines the processes of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling, and also the closing processes of a project. If you pursue PMP certification, we can conclude that considered specialists are highly valued in various industries as they demonstrate the necessary skills for the effective management of complex projects.

Digital Marketing Certification

Digital marketing courses offers specialized knowledge about different online marketing techniques like SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and the tools to analyze them. To enhance their knowledge of digital marketing, students who have completed an MBA and are interested in pursuing a career in marketing should take Google, HubSpot, and Simplilearn certifications.

Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma certification relates to a management system that aims at improving the quality of organizational processes. MBA students are taught statistical analysis, lean manufacturing and various problem solving methodologies from this. Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt certifications are popular in various fields including manufacturing, healthcare and even the service industry.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Specializations such as data analytics and business intelligence prepare MBA graduates to read, comprehend, and utilize big data and information to make optimal business decisions. Business schools such as IIMs, ISB, and online courses are some of the necessary courses for data analytics, machine learning, and predictive modelling.

Supply Chain Management

Certifications in supply chain management cover logistics, procurement, inventory management, and supply chain strategy. It is useful for MBA grads seeking operations and logistical jobs or consulting positions in the field of supply chain management.

Human Resources Management (HRM)

HRM courses focus on talent acquisition, performance management, organizational behaviour, and HR strategy. They are useful for MBA graduates who are keen to take managerial positions in the human resource field across various sectors such as consulting, IT firms, and manufacturing.

Top Recruiters who hire MBA graduates in India

Consulting Firms

Consulting firms like McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Bain & Company, and Deloitte are noteworthy recruiters of MBA graduates in India. These firms seek applicants with analytical skills, considered strategic planning, and logical problem-solving approaches. These firms hire MBA graduates as their management consultants, who help firms understand the best ways to improve operations, manage businesses, and design the best organizational structures. Employers in consulting firms provide attractive remunerations, cross-cultural interactions through the projects engaged in with clients, and higher mobility for promotions and increments.

Financial Services

Leading banks and financial institutions in India, such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, State Bank of India (SBI), and Kotak Mahindra Bank, are major recruiters of MBA graduates. Career opportunities within this sector for the holder of an MBA are investment banking, corporate banking, financial analysis, risk management, and wealth management. These institutions consider MBA degree holders financially literate, analytically astute, and well-equipped to manoeuvre through financial ventures. Professions in financial services provide relatively high wages, incentives based on the employee’s productivity, and advancement through acquiring new skills through training or attaining additional certification.

IT and Technology Companies

Companies in the Information Technology sector, such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL Technologies, and Accenture, also recruit MBA graduates as business development managers, project managers, product managers, and consultants. MBA graduates serve as the connecting link between technology needs and business needs, the technology and business challenges, and display the leadership needed to drive innovations and changes. IT and technology-based industries provide potential jobs, technology awareness, exciting workplaces and professional growth opportunities.

FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods)

FMCG companies like HUL, P&G, Nestle India, ITC and Britannia hire MBA pass-outs, which include sales and marketing executives, brand managers, supply chain managers, and operation executives. FMCG MBA program graduates apply critical strategic analysis when developing plans to advance brands and expand into new markets while also integrating customer understanding when creating and identifying new opportunities. Some of these benefits include guaranteeing a competitive remuneration package, having a leadership skills enhancement program as well as expatriate opportunities.

E-commerce and Startups

E-commerce companies, including Amazon, Flipkart Snapdeal, among others, and upcoming startups in Fintech, Edtech, Healthtech, and Food delivery business, for business development, product management, operations management, and strategy hiring MBA Graduates in large numbers. Working MBA talents in e-commerce and startups helps with expanding the scale of businesses, entering new markets, acquiring customers, and seeking partnerships. These organizations provide immense scope for sharing professional and personal growth, flexible work arrangements, stock options, cross-group interaction, and extraordinary opportunities to be part of a growing field.


MBA in India paves the way for several job profiles in various domains like consulting, financial services, technology, fast-moving consumer goods, etc and e-commerce. Some of the occupations graduates can go for include Management Consultant, Financial Analyst, Marketing Manager, and Product Manager, among others. The strong and continually growing Indian economy, complemented by a vigorous startup environment, helps the outlook for MBA professionals. With strategic thinking and leadership skills coupled with knowledge of business, MBA graduates are adequately placed to facilitate organization innovation and growth thereby being a worthwhile degree for those aspiring to attain great heights in their career.
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